tAPI [WIP][Released] Metroid Mod

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you know what's actually really sad for me? the only part of this mod that I'm actually waiting this long for, is the armor/accessories/weapons. the rest is nice, but, not the main thing that I'm waiting for.
Well, I been watch for a LONG while but I wondering if any progress has been made?
It's kinda been over a month since Scooter has posted, I understand dev work is a long stall but this kinda has no GOOD alternatives for the mod.
(for Metroid content in terraria)
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It's finally here! tModLoader - Metroid Mod

I decided to make a new thread for it. So I suppose a moderator such as @Tunnel King can lock this thread (or maybe it's fine as is).

Do note that this is an Open Beta release - expect issues, but more importantly, feedback is appreciated!
I think providing a BIG notice on the front page before you lock the thread that the mod is released (in open beta) over on a new thread would really help imo
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