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Wire4Dummies Map! Made By Me, Enjoy!

Discussion in 'Released' started by Matthew :D, Jul 18, 2016.


Is the map helpful? (Vote after playing the map

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  2. Just... Nahhhh

  1. Matthew :D

    Matthew :D Terrarian

    This is a world for not just dummies, but all players who don't watch T-MEC forums like a hawk, this will explain most aspects of in-game wiring and contraptions, it also hosts some inspirations for your future maps. (If you'll make them) This map took almost 3 weeks, however more work could have been done, it is completed.
    Jopejelly.. Cheatsheet
    HERO.. HERO's Mod
    Re-Logic.. For this wonderful game in which is awesome!
    Have fun with this map, MTEN will be doing a video of him doing this map soon!
    Comment down below on problems (If any, I have tested this map multiple times and yet.. None have failed)
    Also comment on future maps of which I should make!
    Here is the download Below [Updated Download as of 23 July AUS Time..]

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    Last edited: Jul 23, 2016
  2. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Moved to the Player-Created Maps section.
  3. Matthew :D

    Matthew :D Terrarian

    K, I couldn't find the player created maps area
  4. ManaUser

    ManaUser Brain of Cthulhu

    How about a couple screenshots or at least a little more detail on what's inside? I'm not the target audience (I DO watch T-MEC like a hawk) but this sounds like a good concept, I just think people would appreciate a teaser, so they have a better idea what this map has to offer.
  5. Matthew :D

    Matthew :D Terrarian

    I made this map with multiple areas, should I preview the coolest areas? Lol
  6. Matthew :D

    Matthew :D Terrarian

    I just need to fix one thing
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 21, 2016, Original Post Date: Jul 21, 2016 ---
    I'll have it done by tomorrow (17hours)
  7. Matthew :D

    Matthew :D Terrarian

    Updated version will be posted up rn