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With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility - Introducing Terraria's New Journey Mode


I'm curious how things like the Wall of Flesh and the extra slot in Exper Mode are gonna work in Journey mode when you can toggle the difficulty.
This looks awesome! I'm already envisioning trashing a new world for "reseach puposes". Mwahahaha! To all who have worked so hard over the years on this game, you really rock! I'm still working my way through the last update that brought the ability on mobile to save worlds. (I had worlds on 3 tablets.) This is probably a bit early to ask, but any idea yet what the specs might be for mobile? (Fingers crossed, making preparations to sacrifice to the Moon Lord, & whatever else I can think of that my current devices will still be good enough.)
I'd also like to say thanks to all the people who maintain a very nice forum board to visit.
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I would call it Creative Mode with a smart twist. While it's not something I personally would play, I can totally see why most people like the idea. Good job, like always :)


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Events and bosses will still spawn mobs, but you have the power to control time now. :)

Yeah, skipping ahead to the next day or night would work too, so that's cool.

I think he's referring to the spawn rate that events increase.

No, I'm referring to how the Blood Moon and Solar Eclipse events cause monsters to spawn within range of NPCs where enemy spawns would normally be suppressed. Normally once a spawn-free zone is established, you can just build away there night and day without stopping until you want to. But then one of those events happens and you might be able to carry on as normal during a Blood Moon if things are already built up properly, but if it's an Eclipse, you gotta stop building and leave your town entirely in order to stop your NPCs from getting killed. I find that sudden forced building stop to be very annoying, especially once I've survived several of the events and thus proven that I could handle them. I've long wished there was a way to cancel them entirely at that point, and it looks like we finally have one. I just wish it weren't exclusive to Journey mode, but rather, say, a reverse Solar Tablet that could be earned in standard play as well, but hey, that's better than nothing.
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100 haha :D

And for the topic, keep up great work. With this mode i cannot decide should i play regular terraria or journey mode first.
Uh... Most members of the Terraria community in China were able to obtain 666 broken hero swords during a solar eclipse. (maybe it's a meme LOL)


Random thought/question: If you turn the enemies off in Journey Mode and/or activate God Mode, will Skeletron still kill you for trying to enter the Dungeon before lifting the curse?
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