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im sorry but this is :red:ing sarcastic if you didnt knew
Itz ok i would like some reviews


Did anyone know Alpha will release soon
-Published to Mod Browser
-Added Homepage Funtion
-King Sharkneon Not spawning fix
-Ancient Forge Fix
-Minor Fixes
-Renamed all Yeyint stuff to Light/Holy/Illuminious stuff
-Removed Hood
Sorry that 1.0.0 took so long and you guys not seeing sharkneon so i decided to make a snapshot of 1.0.0 and the download will be made as soon as possible
There are already two other mods with "Legend/Legends of Terraria" as their name, both of which are still alive and being updated on the workshop today. I know you're using the word 'ancient' before it as well, but for sake of avoiding much inevitable confusion, it would be wise to change the name.

Perhaps change it to "Ancients of Terraria" so you don't have to change your links?
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