tModLoader World file randomly not saving


I started a new playthrough with my friend using theses mods:
Calamity Mod Music
Calamity Mod (No calamity music)
Boss Cursor
Boss Checklist
Fargo's mutant mod
Webmilo's commons library
No Angler Timer
Alchemist NPC Lite
Cellphone is wormhole
Reduced grinding
Recipe Browser
Calamity - Craftable music boxes
Luminite NPC
Which mod is this from?
Shop expander
Craftable strange dyes
Vein Miner
Shorter respawn time
Yet Another Boss Health Bar
Wing Slot
Where's my items
imksushi's mod
Full Health Respawn

All of these mods are up to date.

I started, built 8 houses, then realized omniswing was disabled, so i relogged. Then we went and killed the Desert Scourge, King Slime, and EOC, in that order, before leaving for the night.
The next day, i log on and build 8 more houses. When the mutant arrives he is only selling the DS summon, and the boss checklist said that neither king slime nor EOC were dead. We got a natural EOC spawn as well. Additionally, our arena disappeared. However, our chests kept their contents (they still had KS and EOC lore in them, although the chest with the lore lost it's name for some reason). We kept playing, did acid rain, and killed BOC. I then relogged and ALL of the progress we had made (the houses were the first thing i did, they were gone) was completely wiped. However, the chests were still fine, and a chest that was placed AFTER THE HOUSES WERE BUILT was still there and had it's contents. Acid rain was still considered complete but not KS, EOC, or BOC.

please help
calamity has two major bugs currently: worlds not saving properly, and multiplayer being broken
Congrats, you just found out both, nothing you can do about it besides disabling the mod or waiting for it to update
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