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1: oasis:
The Immortal Fjord_cr.png

i want sand will replace dirt like image:

2: dungeon:
The Dank Easement_cr.png
Iiiiiiiii'm not quite sure what you're asking here..

Biome generation has always been a little weird, but in my opinion that gives a world it's uniqueness. And eventually, you may decide to change these certain issues anyway.

Your Oasis problem is fairly easy. You can destroy the dirt blocks. If you have a Bottomless Water Bucket, then place any solid block as a baseline under the Oasis, fill the bottom with sand and fill what's left with water. If you don't have the bucket, then thanks to that beautiful pocket underneath, break the dirt blocks, place an Inlet Pump down there, put a solid block baseline to put sand on top, then put an Outlet Pump there and wire it to the Inlet Pump below it, and turn it on. All the water that fell will be replaced above, re-creating your Oasis again in either situation.

Generally, that portion of the dungeon you won't see in normal gameplay unless you mine it away. Later, if you'd like, you can replace it with Green Dungeon Brick from lower in the Dungeon, or raid another Green Dungeon from another world for the brick.

But I don't see this as real bugs, just some interesting Generation.
Still 10,000% less game-breaking than upon World Generation, or the Hardmode "V", the Crimson/Corruption eating the Jungle.
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