Story Worldfall


The world can survive the death of one man,
But can that man survive the death of his world?
When all the pieces have shattered
And the world begins to fall
Will your heroes rise to the occassion
Or will the last bulwark against the darkness

A Vanilla Terraria fanfic that I'm writing, and hoping to finish at some point. I will post sections whenever I finish them. If people want me to post the rough drafts of the "chapters" then ask here in thread and I'll begin doing that.
If you like it (or even if you don't like it!) then give me feedback! It helps me improve and keep moving forward. Every little bit helps.

Anyways, without further ado: Worldfall, or at least, what's been written of it so far.

The Corrupted Seal was a harsh land. Not too harsh for life though, life always found a way… If you could even call it life that is. That was an argument Jerico didn’t want to get into, especially not with himself, but he couldn’t help contemplating. He looked around. Everything was diseased, rotten. This wasn’t life, it was living death.

Everyone said that the spirits of darkness had long ago been sealed away deep beneath the Earth, but standing here in the Seal, the thin border of land between the Crimson Scar and the rest of the world… well, it made you wonder. Was all that dark magic really sealed away, or was it just… sleeping?

The Seal festered, like a wound. Poisonous thorn bushes and dark purple ebongrass dominated the plant life, with a purple trees that always looked like they were rotting where they stood.

Once upon a time, so the stories said, the Crimson Scar and Corrupted Seal had been the location of a lush jungle. When the spirits of darkness had infested the magical seal around the Great Lord’s corpse that had formed the Crimson Scar, they had turned it into the purple, rotting wasteland it was now.

He shivered. It was cold night, even this close to the unnatural warmth of the Crimson Scar, but there would be no fire. If you wanted a fire, you had to bring firewood or gel from outside, since ebonwood smoke would do strange things to your head. It had been known to drive men mad.

Jerico was snapped back to reality by a cuff on the back of the head from his commanding officer, Geoffrey. “Oi, Jerry, stay alert. We don’ know what’s out there.” Geoffrey was an enormous man. Dwarfing all but the tallest people in height, he had enough muscle to dual wield his weapons of choice, the Breaker and the War Axe of the Night. Matching weapons, forged from the dark metals found deep within the Corrupted Seal’s chasms, and large enough to stagger most men.

“Yes sir.” Jerico wasn’t certain how he felt about being the newbie in the patrol. Everyone was always looking out for him but… the constant warnings made him feel more jumpy than alert. He’d only been on the squad for a month, but he would be glad when his tour of the Seal was over. Tonight though… tonight was looking bad. There was something out there. Something evil.

Cherri sidled over to him. She had transferred into the patrol with him, and had quickly filled the team’s position as sniper. “Whaddaya think those worm things were?” Looking over at her, her lithe form was barely visible in the shadows, but her blue eyes still sparkled in the dim moonlight. Normally that splash of color would be comforting, but… glowing eyes in the darkness didn’t seem that comforting tonight.

“I dunno Cher. To be honest I’d rather not think about them.” Cherri nodded sagely, then crept away towards another part of the group.

“Keep yer ‘heads down” Geoffrey called back, swinging his axe around, cutting down the brush in front of him, clearing a path through the poisonous bramble towards the source of their worry.

Roughly three hours earlier, right after the sun had gone down, a horrible chill had gone down everyone’s spine. The entire group feeling off like that had been enough to put everyone on guard for when roughly an hour after that, the sound of screams had echoed across the Seal, followed by a ground-shaking roar. Not long after that, the sounds of gunfire and explosions had from from the other team’s camp… for a few minutes. Everything had gone silent a long time ago, and neither of the scouts they’d sent ahead to figure out what happened had come back.

They’d found the scout’s dismembered corpses, followed by the two massive massive purple worms that had killed the scouts, which proceeded to tear up another two members of the patrol before Geoffrey had crushed the head of one of them and Cherri had blown out the eye of the other, sending it tumbling down a nearby chasm.

All of that was besides the swarms of the vicious Eaters that had been plaguing them all night long. They’d encountered more monsters in this one night in the Corrupted Seal than all the patrols together usually saw in a year. As for whatever those giant worms were…

Jerico was pulled out of his silent brooding once more, this time, instead of by Geoffrey, by another massive roar. Jerico looked up as something massive flew overhead, followed by a small cloud of smaller things. Cherri raised her musket to fire on it, but Geoffrey put a hand on her gun, lowering it.

Nobody spoke for a few minutes after that.

“What was that thing Geoff?” one of the patrol members asked, Alex maybe?

Geoffrey shook his head. “Dunno. C’mon. We oughta keep movin’.” With that, Geoffrey began cutting his way through the brush towards the other patrol’s camp once more.

Silence reigned for the next hour as the group cut their way towards the other camp. Jerico continued to brood in silence. Cherri approached him again once, but then decided to leave him alone.

Abruptly, Geoffrey stopped carving his way through the brush, letting a low curse slip through his teeth. Jerico looked past him and turned pale. It was a grisly scene.

The camp had been reduced to scraps of fabric, wood and flesh, craters in the ground and ashes where the campfire had been knocked into some of the tents. All around were pieces of eyes the size of a man’s head, and the scattered remains of the bodies of the patrol, reduced to bloody pulp.

Jerico heard someone throw up behind him, and had to try very hard not to do the same himself.

Something rustled in the bushes, and before Jerico even had his weapon all the way out, a man stmbled out of them, covered in bruises and losing blood from a mangled weapon, using a shark-shaped gatling gun as a crutch.

The man staggered, and looked up at the squad leader. “G-g-geoffrey.”

Geoffrey rushed over to the captain of the other patrol, catching him as he tripped on a rock and toppled forward. “Dante! What happened, we saw something fly overhead, was that what attacked you?”

Dante coughed and mumbled something about someone going into one of the chasms, and then something about a giant eye, but Jerico couldn’t make much sense of his ramblings between the coughing and harshness of the man’s voice.

Geoffrey turned back to the rest of the group. “Health pots, where are the health pots! Get me a health potion, now!”

Jerico shuddered as the team medic rushed past, and looked up into the sky. What in the name of the eight moons was going on, and why on earth did he have to be caught in the middle of it?
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Rough Draft of the Intro has been completed. I will admit that more frequently than should be the case, my rough drafts look VERY similar to the final drafts, but for now, enjoy the completed world introduction.

EDIT: Sorry for bumping so soon after thread creation. I was thinking "well, I posted yesterday" and didn't stop to think that it had been at the end of the day.
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Thanks! Although, I've decided to scrap that first chapter, and work the things it tells you into something that actually has some of the actual characters in it. Once the REAL Chapter 0 is finished, that Intro will probably be deleted.
Alright, the first half of the Prologue; "Nightmares" has been finished, and as such has replaced the original intro of "The World"
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