Worlds connected to each other - travel from the edge of the world to the edge of another world

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How do you feel about this change

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  2. Great, but only for modding

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  4. Good idea, but I would like to expand it (write a comment about expancion idea)

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  1. NKSHV

    NKSHV Terrarian

    Suggestion: If player reaches the left edge of the world, new world is created and player is warped to the right edge of the new world (same for right edge). That should be a very simple but yet very effective way to increase world size and diversity. So there is a "mother" world, which was generated by player, and it stores all the "child" worlds outgoing from it.
    - "Child" worlds can be fully featured worlds, but you can't choose them from "Choose world".
    - More variety to those "child" worlds - some with very high mountains, some completely covered by desert, some - by ocean. They can be fully featured, but they also can be without some features. It would not alter gameplay as far as every world contains crimson/corruption, but it would add a lot of depth and variety for building. Maybe "child" worlds should be small-size.
    - Add warper that should be placed near the edge, and it can warp you to any other warper placed near the edge of other world.

    Plans for the future:
    Add "space" world, which you can enter by going to the top of your world. Maybe small planets, asteroids, moons, etc.
    Add "underhell" world, which you can enter by going to the bottom of your world. Like a "hell" dimension in minecraft.

    World loading is very fast even with a lot of mods, traveling should be a cool feature which goes greatly with vanilla terraria. Also a great feature for modding, because they can create new "dimensions" and store their world files in "mother" world file.
  2. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    Is this purposely near-identical to a suggestion only posted a very short time before your thread? Regardless, I still support the concept.
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  3. NKSHV

    NKSHV Terrarian

    yes, but my suggestion is to enable saving child dimensions in mother world, which also allows for looping worlds
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  4. Narwhalla

    Narwhalla Eye of Cthulhu

    How many child world’s can there be there should be a limit and yes I agree about looping worlds.
  5. Xiarno

    Xiarno Official Terrarian

    I.... fully support this idea.
    I actually make a suggestion about it "somewhat" some time ago. But hey, from the 10+ paragraph post I've made, compared to you, I explain nothing x) With the little you just said, you explain more than I did, so, x)
  6. SlimyPython

    SlimyPython Terrarian

    I think there should be 4 child worlds (2 each side) and when you get to the end of the 2nd (on one side) child world you teleport to the 2nd Child world on the oppisite side
  7. xylophone

    xylophone Terrarian

    Maybe there should only be one "child" world. This world would loop back to the normal one in both directions, and maybe there would be some sort of event associated with it. But it should be the opposite of the parent world, with crimson/corruption and all the ores switched, as well as no dungeon or jungle temple (or maybe the jungle temple would be in the second world instead of the first?), and there could be this limbo area between the worlds that's all ocean that adds maybe a screen's worth of ocean between the worlds. It would also be cool if this also made it so moving across the world changed the time of day. So there would be sort of time zones. Now this idea sounds interesting (at least to me)

    Sorry if I'm rambling or necroposting...
  8. Reepicheep

    Reepicheep The Destroyer

    Again, interesting, but as some handsome fellow said before.
    So, yeah. I like having a faster way to go to another world, but there should be a confirm button before traveling, that pauses the game.
    Just imagine, the Duke (the only post Moonlord boss out there) is nearly dead, aaand you travel to another world, progress lost. The pause is to make sure you don't die when trying to understand why you went from blood pumping action to a screen asking you to travel. Also if you didn't want to travel, but the button wasn't there, you would be stuck with generating a new world, unless those are pre-generated when the main world is generated.

    Food for thought, but we might just leave all of this for Terraria:Otherworld and Terraria 2.
  9. legiantking

    legiantking Terrarian

    Terraria 2? i never heard about that.
    Anyway, I think this is a great idea and that there should be specific child worlds, not just randomly generated, where there are new Post-Moonlord bosses and hard enemies and new biomes too. There should also be something like you cant travel to another world until Moonlord is killed.
  10. Xiarno

    Xiarno Official Terrarian

    Same here. Never heard of it. (And Terraria: Otherworld was cancel :/)

    And yes, that would be amazing !
    This, of course, would not be 1.3.6. Way too big. But maybe in another big update (Like 1.4 ?) :D
  11. Acamaeda

    Acamaeda Terrarian

    The problem with this is that in multiplayer, the server would have to be running every world that has a player in it, which could be a much larger load than the servers normally handle.
  12. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer


    Having multiple islands in one world would make good for exploration (of which I'm the best at.), but it screws the point of one world being one island. It would also make it doubly difficult to purify the world, find loot, tunnel around, and load the world. It also seems extremely difficult to keep from entering your second island. Like said above, what if you're fighting Duke Fishron, and enter the other island? All progress lost. Bull, right? This could, however, work better in/with a mod.
  13. Xiarno

    Xiarno Official Terrarian

    Maybe have portals ?
    Like, you need to find a portal somewhere on the map in some sort of temple, maybe, that you can only activate with an artifact that the Moon Lord give you and then, start exploring the unknown of other realms !

    But that another story. Optimizing could be done, yes, but there is also a limit. If you host the game on steam, then only load the world that players are in (And limit how many world at once can be loaded). For servers, remove the limit but still only load the world that player are in. Here you go, now it's working great if you make the necessary optimization :)
  14. Meowmere Lord

    Meowmere Lord Terrarian

    I think this is ingenous. they could also add like an item that when used it will last for 1 minute and if you cross a boundary from a child world then it would take you too like a inverse world so like NPC will hurt and you can trade with enemied and like lava would heal. water would poison you see where im going with this?
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  15. Daniel16

    Daniel16 Terrarian

    If player reaches the left edge of the world, new world is created and player is warped to the right edge of the new world (same for right edge).

    I like this one the most.The others I don't like.It would make exploring easier and farming easier.And instead of warping,You have to build a ship.
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  16. poi

    poi Steampunker

    I feel like this might be more trouble than its worth to optimize, especially for Multiplayer, because the server load of having to generate two worlds at once (worst case scenario) while having to keep the middle world loaded might be a but much. Singleplayer has less foreseeable problems, but where's the limit on these world caps? I like the idea, but how would it work out to not kill servers?
  17. Phantasmental

    Phantasmental Terrarian

    This idea is fairly cool, but I think this would be better for Terraria 2.
  18. LightX

    LightX Steampunker

    I love the idea :)
  19. NKSHV

    NKSHV Terrarian

    Child worlds are same as normal worlds but they are hidden in world selector - they don't affect perfomance and are generated only when player performs an specific action, so there is no need to limit them in singleplayer.
    I think this should be easy to fix. In my message I explained more of the technical side, while in terms of gameplay and immersion warping to another world might requre certain actions from player.
    I agree with that. I don't know much about servers but I think this will requre paralell computing which I can't suggest because it is complicated. Probably this feature should be single player.
    I agree, it is quite hard to make this feature balanced and immersive. However, how would it make finding loot and tunneling harder?
    Thats a good idea
    I usually create a couple of worlds and play them on my character. In theory, I can restrict myself so that if I go to the edge of my current world, I save and exit and load (or generate) next world and then use mods to warp to the edge. It should be really easy to hide those worlds from world selector and make that process of that (exiting and loading next world and warping to the edge) automated.
    Again thit example is just a technical explanation, and for game it would be better not to just get warped when on the edge but for example building a ship mount and reaching map corner on a ship mount.
    That is also a reason why I came with this suggestion - it should be incredibly easy to implement. My hope is that because of how easy it probably is, developers might give that access for saving, exiting and loading worlds so that tmodloader could use those functions
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  20. Meowmere Lord

    Meowmere Lord Terrarian

    well that seems like it took a while too type...