PC Worm enemies detach items from mannequins/racks/frames while submerged

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by Kojiro_S, May 14, 2019.

  1. Kojiro_S

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    So I was creating an underwater dungeon for my server and placing rewards on weapon racks when I noticed some items were getting detached for some reason. Turns out, whenever a worm enemy passed through a mannequin, weapon rack or item frame, the item(s) would pop out of it.
    I tested it on single player as well and it still happens. It only happens underwater. Items are not detached when worms go through them on dry land.

    Best place to reproduce is probably on the underground desert due to the frecuent worm spawning, but you will need to do some flooding.
    Here's a video showing how a tomb crawler detaches items from both weapon racks and item frames.

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  2. azekill_DIABLO

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    surprising bug :O
    Maybe the game thinks Something is hitting them while the worm goes trough them?
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  3. Kojiro_S

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    I have no proof, but maybe it's because the game doesn't like having too many layers of objects on top of each other (wall, rack, object on rack, water, burrowing worm) and thus it detaches the object to get rid of a layer.
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  4. TheWorfer27

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    Try adding some wire on top of that to see how it reacts. Could add 5 more layers.
  5. Kojiro_S

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    Done. Wires didn't detach anything (what I said before was just speculation anyway).
    I did confirm, however, that mannequins also lose their items when worms go through them.
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  6. Sigma90

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    I was able to reproduce this as described. Odd that it only happens when the item frame / weapon rack is underwater. Layering sounds like a possibility, but I'm not a developer so can't say for sure. :)
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