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PC WTB Super Star Shooter and Sergeant United Shield (1-3 each)


Official Terrarian
Most items are available for exchange.
Trading Item Type

We have most items in the game on offer including rare/uncommon items like the Terraprisma, Terrarian and Soaring Insignia (infinite flight). Also available are every item from the frost/pumpkin moon + most items from the travelling salesman.

The Travelling Merchant in our worlds never seems to stock the above items (or if he did, he walked into a lake and drowned before we can reach him :/).

Please let me know, what you'd like in exchange. If you've bulk bought the above items, I can offer more to you.

Trading hours are typically 4:30-5:15 PM and 8-11:59 PM on weekdays + Weekends.
Timezone: +10GMT Melbourne, Australia

P.s. also looking to buy one companion cube

Thanks in advance.
Nothing they were only like 59 gold s piece and I have more than enough plat so I can just give them to you. Although I will not be able to be on until about 830 9 am eastern time.


Official Terrarian
Thanks, that's very generous of you

Please take something though, got most of the items in the game up for exchange.
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