PC [WTS] Lucky coin (or greedy ring).

Discussion in 'Want to Sell' started by Sinues, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Sinues

    Sinues Terrarian

    I have a lucky coin (or eventually greedy ring) for sale. Preferably looking for good (mage) weapons.
  2. Osiris12

    Osiris12 Terrarian

    I have the Last Prism and Lunar Flare if you're interested. Can reforge them to whatever you desire.
  3. Upstairskids2

    Upstairskids2 Terrarian

    any magic weapons you're interested in having Sinues?
  4. redstonecreeper8

    redstonecreeper8 Terrarian

    I have a set of Vortex Armor, a Celebration, a lunar flare, or as many platinum coins as you want. Name the price, I would love to have it!
  5. Sinues

    Sinues Terrarian

    Hey, currently im looking for the rainbow crystall staff specifically tbh
  6. redstonecreeper8

    redstonecreeper8 Terrarian

    I have that! It's for sale too, what modifier do you want on it?
  7. Sinues

    Sinues Terrarian

    I think the best modifier is Ruthless right? or?