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PC Wyvern boss



Wyvern boss. I want this boss to early-ish to mid hard mode...
picture provided by seeker http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?members/seeker.15882/

Boss summon item: Special chest crafted by hand...
1 gold chest or maybe shadow chest
(assuming we can craft them in 1.3 update.)
25 souls of light
25 souls of night
25 souls of flight

Damage and defense are merely here to give a basic idea of how hard boss should be.

Damage 35-55
defense 1st phase 25 2nd phase 40

1st attack: scythe made of wind
(sort of like a like a demon scythe)
2nd attack: spawn turrets
( some sort of egg laying attack, they hatch and then fire at enemy. They wouldn't move, turret style.)
3rd attack: flamethrower
(Attack looks just the one from the weapon named flamethrower)
4th attack: summon giant tail to smash player
( A giant tail that clips through blocks smacks the player)
5th attack: shoots bullets...
(Dragons should shoot bullets because that would be awesome.)

Loot drops
Please feel free to suggest drops in the comment section...
Wing sword thing.
...I want a sword in the shape of a wing... No idea what the stats should be...

dragon mount of some sort because riding a dragon would be awesome!
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Can't see the picture either. Maybe try uploading to imgur or something.

A) I don't particularly understand why there has to be a chest in the recipe. Also that would make the summoning item limited in supply, pretty severely if you use shadow chests.
B) "Skythes made of wind" is not very specific.
C) Neither is "Spawn turrets". (Why is a Wyvern spawning turrets anyways?)
D) I assume "flamethrower" means fire breath style attack, as Wyverns don't wield flamethrowers. Little mythology lesson though:
While in myths, wyverns were winged creatures with the head of a dragon, often able to breathe fire or have a poison bite... the "wyverns" in terraria aren't technically wyverns. They seem to be modeled after chinese Dragons, which are mostly depicted without wings. As it happens, Chinese dragons are often accociated with the weather (or more specifically rainfall), which matches up with how the Terraria Wyverns only spawn in the sky.

Also chinese dragons don't breathe fire.

(Sorry, couldn't help it. Moving on.)

E) Why is a Wyvern shooting bullets?

Why are you worrying about a picture! Worry about the idea and the ideas quality, not the picture he made.
While normally I would agree with you, that would be under circumstances where no picture is provided. It's actually quite helpful to the TC if you point out if something breaks, especially under circumstances where it works only for the TC (Like now.)


it does on console. arch wyvern is reptilian

so this picture takes the wyrm dragon and makes it more of a wyvern by adding wings

chinese dragons
bah. those ain't dragons. i know thats the widely accepted translation but its as wrong as merging caitsith and sphinx would be. just as bad as calling korea's flaming goat thing a unicorn. should have their own names
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Eater of Worlds
it does on console.

arch wyvern is reptilian and breathes fire

so this picture takes the wyrm dragon and makes it more of a wyvern by adding wings
Arch Wyverns don't breathe fire what are you talking about lol.
Wasn't sure if that was the correct picture or not, since that doesn't really look like a wyvern.
That's how a true wyvern look like, the Wyverns in Terraria are Oriental dragons not wyverns. Wyverns have a pair of wings, 2 talons and a dragon head.
Also if you want to see it here it is
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