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Xbox 360 Xbl gamertags


SantValentine0 (0 the number not letter) Im game for anyone. I'm in hardmode if anyone needs some items or help and if anyone would like to try the events, I'd be up for it. I'm on xbox one btw.
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Gamertag is CHRISCASH73
Let's play together! I have a Mic. Just got the game. Starting a new character and world now. I'm a pro tho. Been playing for long time.
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I have Xbox one my gamer tag is Envyknifer and I need help defeating the wall of flesh for the first time I've been trying for a long time


My gt is liiquid Phoenix

I have good set of armor and a good weapon. If you need help with anything or just want to play message me.


Jaredboi i420i
xbox one starting a new char and world with lots of experience outside expert mode
mostly just looking for friends or people that like to start new worlds alot from scratch
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Looking for Terraria Xbox360 Players.... my GT: MaxTitanGames... Just message me saying Terraria! Iwant to start a new survival and do it completely co-op. So if your up for a new fresh start let me know.


GT is SplosiveKitty
Xbox One or 360, either is good. Have good set of armour and vampire knives/Terra blade if you need help with anything.
Hey if anyone wants to play I have a few all items maps and willing to give some stuff away
[doublepost=1516928100,1516928043][/doublepost]All Items world giving away some items GT is sargent red141
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