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Xbox 360 Xbl gamertags


starting a new world. new characters. expert mode. whoever is down with no cheating add my gamertag. JaredBoi i420i


oh thanks for the heads up @Unit One
edit: the only thing ive had an issue with so far is that when i turn off the mini map i cant seem to open up my big map. i thought it was the select button but i could be wrong so im not calling it a bug.


Yo, if anyone wants to play a world, my great is TLR Nevermore

Ryon Nakamura

my gamertag is ichimaro4101 i work and switch between games alot. monday thru friday 5in the morning to usely 5 at night so weekends are best pm me if u what to ad as friend or play oya iam a hardcore player and have beat moon lord by my self
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