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Resolved [Xbox One] How Do You Transfer Worlds/Players From IOS to Xbox One?


The title explains it, I know how to get the iOS files to my computer, how do I put the files into the terraria for Xbox one?


There's no way to do that. They're completely different files, not to mention the fact that the iOS worlds are significantly smaller than even the small world option on Xbox One.
Sorry to ruin your dreams.

CraftedNightmare Here!

Official Terrarian
As far as i know, there's no support for it, so it's almost impossible.

EDIT: Besides, Mobile worlds are SMALLER than Xbox One Worlds, and Mobile has a few features different than Xbox One, so it'll be incompatable.


Thanks for replies so quickly, it sucks that I can't transfer b/c I wanted to play with my brother on iOS and Xbox, hopefully it can be done someday.

Unit One

Staff member
This thread is over six years old. At the time of its creation, and currently as it stands today, there’s no way to transfer mobile worlds to console worlds. If that changes in the future, that would be great, but as of right now it’s not possible.
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