Xbox One Submitted Friday - PS4 Fixes Out 1.23.18!!!

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Man I had a sdmg because I got it from somebody who hacked items and it was like 40 damage be for the update than I have this update and I got to fight lunatic cultist and I beat him first try no potion's or anything just with the sdmg and some cloraphyt bullets
Converting worlds now. Can't wait. Anyone run into anything unexpected that I should look out for?


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Converting worlds now. Can't wait. Anyone run into anything unexpected that I should look out for?
Yeah I already reported it on the bug thing but map icons don't work or at least for your character it doesn't so just watch out that's the only thing I've run into so far.
Thank you Pipeworks and everyone else who has been working hard to bring us consol players this update. It really means a lot to us that you guys took over two years to bring us a stable version that all consol players can enjoy. Thank you! :):):)
I've been playing im sick so I got to stay home and I've been sneaking my xbox all day so I've been able to play but now that my brothers home I can't seleak it anymore
[doublepost=1517860063,1517859998][/doublepost]I have to wait till 6
So update is out and there is already a issue. The screen bounda gos of my tv screen. Aswell as my brothers. So ya know theres a bug. Fix it do whatever i dont care! Update is out i just want to play it. Its not broken just fix it and it will be better. Thanks!
My world's have been converting for two hours, is it suppose to take this long? The sunflower is still moving but the bar has been stuck for a long time
To all PS4 players that have played the hotfixed version, what are the bugs and annoying mechanics that still exist? Is it even worth playing at first?

Game is playable, but I've run into a halt, where I can't use my arena in any event. Resulting in freeze screen. Can use my arena with no event, but thats no fun... :p Hope that gets fixed soon..

Sendt in bug report and save game.
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