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    Welcome, customers, to my suggestion Xplorer! Here, you can find a list of suggestions I made along with a short description!

    Enjoy your stay here!
    (Note: May contain nuts and puns)

    Boats! A New Way To Stay Afloat!
    In Terraria, we have minecarts, gigantic flying UFOs, a flying pig-dragon hybrid, but no boats?
    (Click here)

    Throwing Class Improvements! Making Them A Better Choice
    So we all know the Throwing Class, a heavily outclassed class (Eh?) that most people probably forgot about. It only has 2 armors, 2 weapons and a whole lot of things (Javelins, Grenades, Daggers, etc.). So I propose a change to this pitiful class!
    (Click here)

    Clentaminator Upgrades & Solutions!

    Say, you're purifying your whole world and your coins aren't enough to cover your expenses because you keep missing the Corruption/Crimson and Hallow. So, here's a solution *ahem* to that.
    (Click here)

    Bioculturist - A Completely Unique NPC!
    So, you're trying to get some biome-exclusive items from your NPCs (The Painter is a good example) but the biome itself isn't really friendly (i.e; Corruption). So, I propose a new solution to that!
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    Nature Loving NPCs - A Small Behavior Change

    So, we all know Terraria's unique flora can grow without any process, like watering and fertilizing. So, I suggest this small behavior change!
    (Click here)

    Reforge Master - Easily Change Prefixes
    (Click here)

    Early Game Summoner Improvements
    (Click here)

    Sadly, that's all I have to offer for now. But fret not, human! For I, the Great Papyrus shall make more spaggestions!
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    I like your organization of this!
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    Why tank (Pun) you, sir!
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    Suggestion making is paused for various reasons:
    • It's my final exam week soon
    • A leak has been detected in my Suggestion Juiceā„¢ storage, leading to loss of suggesting ideas

    • Stop staring at me
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    Crap I forgot to reserve 2nd spot, but it's okay!
    Chenjlokz (Changelogs):
    • 2 December 2018: Updated with a new suggestion - Reforge Master!