tModLoader Yggdrasil (WIP 1.4)


Small update
(cuz you know, we keep doing stuff!)

I made a Berserker mini-boss for the viking invasion.

He has a lot of HP and hits really hard. When bellow a certain amount of life, he does more nasty stuff.
He can drop the Viking Daneaxe when killed.
He'll also drop some material to craft his armor set at some point.

Mini-boss means armor set! (Right?)
That's the fourth and last pre-hardmode armor set for the Runemaster


More frostcore stuff. (I think that'll be it for this set.)

And some small useful materials
Despise shards are dropped by angry bones. It's necessary to craft the Despise weapons and armor.

Linnen is used to craft lots of runemaster armor and other things.

Lyker has done the code rework for everything that is related to Runic stuff and the combos.
All runic weapons do runic damage and runic crit (and so forth)

Same for runemaster gear and armor

That's it for now.
Info about the combos coming in a near future. When I'll have something to show.


I've been keeping an eye on this mod since you've created this page and I really like, what I've seen so far. This mod has an interesting theme and some awesome ideas. And the fact, that your mod will be in Terraria style is awesome, because unfortunately there are not as many good terraria styled mods like Thorium, GRealm or this one as I'd like to see.


View attachment 277833

The norsemen are on their way.

A Viking and Norse Mythology related mod in progress

What is the mod?

Currently the mod consist of 24 basic rune items split into 3 different categories, Minor, Normal, Major.
(For a total of 72 runes)
View attachment 281138 View attachment 281139 View attachment 281140
Runes are non-stack items that you leave in your inventory to gain bonuses.
Using your inventory to its full potential mixing all the runes to have unique builds fitting your play style!


By merging some runes together one can create poweful Runewords accessories giving a plethora of buffs and stats boost.
View attachment 281141 View attachment 281142 View attachment 281143

Viking Invasion
The norsemen are really on their way.
View attachment 281144 View attachment 281145

Runemaster Class

More info soon!

(See full content currently being worked on bellow)

There is absolutely nothing set in stone.

What is the content currently in?

All runes are crafted using a plethora of different vanilla items.

The Minor runes are crafted using a blank rune View attachment 277697 and other items. (Blank runes are crafted by hand with 10 stoneblocks.)
The Normal runes are crafted with 3 of the Minor ones plus other items
The Major runes are crafted with 3 of the Normal ones plus other items.

Here are some rune example

View attachment 277371 View attachment 277372 View attachment 277373

View attachment 277402 View attachment 277403 View attachment 277404
% Dmg for every consecutive kills. Capped at 50
Getting hit resets the count.

View attachment 277414 View attachment 277416 View attachment 277415

second of invincibility after being hit

View attachment 277690 View attachment 277691 View attachment 277692
% chance to inflict a random debuff for 2sec whenhitting an enemy

View attachment 277423 View attachment 277424 View attachment 277425

% Dmg on the next attack after being hit

View attachment 277433
Runewords are crafted using different runes and a blank word slab for each tier.
View attachment 277699 View attachment 277700 View attachment 277701
Like the runes, the Minor slab can be crafted pre-hardmore, the Normal in hardmode and the Major post-golem.
Runewords turn runes into powerful accessories that needs to be equipped in order to be used.

Here are some runewords example

View attachment 277908
Defense, Internal Growth
Grant immunity to knockback
Grant immunity to poison
Grant +2 defense & +5 max life

View attachment 277911
Wisdom, Luck, Individuality
Grant +10% dmg & +3% crit during day
Grant +5 defense, +20 life & +50 mana during night

View attachment 278114
Defense, Awareness, Luck, Comfort
Grant + 10 defense & +15 max life
Grant 5% damage reduction
Grant immunity to knockback and a lot of debuff
(burning, poisoned, onfire!, venom, slow, weak, broken armor, chilled, frozen, silenced, cursed & confused)
The Vikings Invasion
Viking Swordman

Your frontline bread and butter
View attachment 278115 View attachment 278419

Viking Axeman
Faster but more squishy than the swordman.
View attachment 278120

Viking Archer
The range folks
View attachment 278665View attachment 282946

Viking Spearman
Longer reach
View attachment 279050

Viking Shield Maiden
Tankier than the swordman (and has a bigger shield!)
View attachment 279051

Gray Wolf
Fast and deadly
View attachment 278728

Odin's Raven
Quick and really annoying
View attachment 278730

View attachment 283231

Snow Biome
Apply frostburn on hit.
View attachment 282541
25% chance to drop Frost Essence
(Used to craft Frostcore)

For now, I have no idea about when we'll publish version 1.0.

Feedback and ideas are more than welcome.

Feel free to give it a like if the mod interests you.
Thanks for reading.

Skål :dryadpassionate:

I was not planning to do one but some people asked for it so here we go
View attachment 279929
We have a team now!

Touching everything, code, pixel art, ideas, whatever.
Jack of all trade master of none

Lyker - The Savior
Lots of magnificent and ravishing coding.
Discord people helping with coding.
absoluteAquarian#5189, Putan#1022 aka direwolf420 & Lyker#8405

Big thanks to @BlueBoi for his pixel art and inspiration
I am very interested in helping with this mod, is there a discord where I can easily see behind the scenes stuff and help with sprites?

The Frostburner

I am very interested in helping with this mod, is there a discord where I can easily see behind the scenes stuff and help with sprites?

Oh yeah! A discord would be nice!
But managing a Discord server takes time. It's better to focus on the developpement. Discord is a plus, something for later down the line.


I've been keeping an eye on this mod since you've created this page and I really like, what I've seen so far. This mod has an interesting theme and some awesome ideas. And the fact, that your mod will be in Terraria style is awesome, because unfortunately there are not as many good terraria styled mods like Thorium, GRealm or this one as I'd like to see.
Thanks a ton for this my friend <3

Oh yeah! A discord would be nice!
But managing a Discord server takes time. It's better to focus on the developpement. Discord is a plus, something for later down the line.
Boah, it's pretty straight forward. I already have a server of my own and I've been having it for quite some time. I could make one in the future.
I felt it was pretty useless as of now since it's just Lyker and me talking and sharing stuff. When the first version comes out, I guess that would be a good time.

E. Ginebra

hellow, i am a pixel artist and i will like to give you my help, I know it is not much but I really want to help
(picture of one of my works):Diapositiva2.PNG


hellow, i am a pixel artist and i will like to give you my help, I know it is not much but I really want to help
Thanks for the proposition but we are not looking to grow the team as of now. We have everything that we need and we also got help from other people. Maybe in the future when we'll need a bunch of more stuff to be pixelated :happy:


We took a little break so sorry for the lack of update guys.
Both Lyker and me are back to work so that means way less time to update this mod but it's still moving forward.
On the subject of pixel art though, @BluStryke gave a little go at some improvements on the side.

Here are a couple examples.
Left is my stuff right is the improvement.



I know it's not much but i designed a warhorn that could summon the invasion (as you mentioned you wanted to do in the future).


  • Untitled.png
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Hello! I am very interested in this mod I'd love to play some kind of viking (even if it's only 4 armors and weapons) in Terraria. Is there any way I could help? are you @resP still interesed in its develop?
For now, wish you a nice day nwn
EDIT: If giving ideas or sprites could help, I'll do it no matter what :D this project looks very good.


Almost one full year later!
The mod was pretty dead yeah. Both Lyker and me had to focus on other more important things and we basically decided to put everything on hold to wait for tmodloader 1.4 but we starting converting everything back today.
We'll see were we go with this. We're planning on releasing the small content we have as a 1.0 version just to have something out there.
We'll have to figure out how much time it takes to convert everything to 1.4 as there are quite a lot of differences to consider in code.


We're getting somewhere! Code refactoring allows us to add more content faster for the runes mechanic that we have.
My pixel are is so rusty, it almost hurts. (It was never that great to begin with! haha)

Right now we are setting ourselves to use the runes in inventory to interact with the runemaster class.
For example, a certain accessories could give +5 def but an additional +15 def if the player has 6 runes in its inventory.
We'll see how it turns out.

Here are some new random stuff, enemies, weapons, whatever.



Alright, we finally ended up settling down the design for the Runemaster class.
I wanted to make sure that it would take the runes (which is the chunk of this mod really) into consideration.
We then ended up creating Rune Power.

Rune Power is a variable stored in the player and grow with the amount of rune the players have in their inventory and also with the aid of some accessories.
For now each runes grant +1 Rune Power but at some point we will tweak them to give different values.

The Runemaster will use Runic Weapons to deal its damage. They are for the most part, melee weapons with their own damage class. They deal Runic Damage.

The player will easily be able to be a Runemaster straight at the beginning. The only thing they will need is a few pieces of wood.
First of, a ravishing Wooden Runic Sword.

As you can see in the image above, every runic weapon will have certain potential buff attached to them and by meeting the Runic Power requirements, these buffs will be added to the weapon.

With a bit more wood, the player will be able to craft a Wooden Armring granting +1 Runic Power.

When equipped, you guessed it. The sword now deals 8 runic damage.

Going further into the progression of the game, weapons will get better and better buffs.


You probably get the gist of it. These are really basic buffs. At some point, some weapon might require a specific amount of Rune Power to give specific buffs. The goal we want to achieve here is having players tweaking the runes they leave in their inventory in line with the weapon they use related to their playstyle to make out the best of all of this.

As a side detail, Rune Power will be displayed like other Terraria info under the mini map and as you have seen in the image, a certain color will be displayed everytime something is related to Runic Power and Runic Damage.

That's it for now!


PS: If you are a more talented spriter than me (really easy to be) and you want to help. Feel free to reach out!
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We're still hard at work reimplementing all the items, runes and other things we had.
I've been creating a lot more runic weapon for the runemaster class alongside the rest.

The update from today that we didn't have in the last version is that we now have Viking chests spawning in snow biome with related Yggdrasil content in them (see here is a Berserker Ring) and we also have Frostcore veins generating also in snow biome (you can see the teal spots on the map).


This is the first step into pimping out the snow biome for the mod.
I want to do way more but as this whole world gen code is new to me, everything is getting in really slowly!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.

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Hello Vikings,

We are now in a state where we could have people testing our mod.
Right now the mode has different things to be tested
- General progression of the Runemaster class until Wall of Flesh (weapons, armors, the stats, etc)
- General balance of items
- General balance of the runes (from start to post moon-lord)
- General spawning/balance of custom enemies (mainly in snow biomes)

So all in all, if you are interested, please either send a DM to me or answer here.
If there is interest, I'll setup a Discord.

tl;dr: We are looking for testers!


And we are now live!:dryadtongue:

Important notes:

- The content of this alpha version of the mod follow the progression of the game until hardmode except for runes.
- Runes are probably unbalanced in many ways but go all the way to moonlord
- If you want to help, feel free to reach out!
- This is an early alpha version of the mod!

We have a file where we keep track of all our stuff and what's to come. Feel free to have a look. Don't if you don't want to get spoiled!

We also have a discord now!
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I am very glad that this mod is released!
It has so much potential! However, in my opinion, some things can be improved:

1. Sprites.
You've said that you want your mod's sprites to feel like they belong to Terraria. However, the Frostcore items don't: the shading is a off, the palette is worse than the previousbone. Also, the tome's sprite doesn't have the shape of other magic tomes from Terraria (same with Nordic yoyo). Other sprites which don't really fit Terraria's style are: Runic Bloody Blade, Runic swords from HM ores (including the Hallowed one). They also have off shading, don't use palettes from the weapons made from HM ores (the sprites of Adamantite runic items are fine, but I'd consider using the palette of actual weapons for them, not the bar's one), and the bloody palette has some very light shades (one of which is nearly white color), and that doesn't fit Terraria's style.
I mean, there are also some sprites that you should probably change (like vikings' ones), but that's less important. And you can definitely fix the sprites I mentioned above to be much nicer.

2. The Runemaster class.
To be honest, I was a bit disappointed when I read the post about it. Don't get me wrong the machanic it currently has is fun, but it's still not enough for runemaster to stand out as a class. I feel like it needs something else as well. I think you should also incorporate your idea of combo history mechanic. This mecahnic as a perfect addition to the class and will make it much more unique.

3. I don't think effects from similar runes should stack. It may lead to some very overpowered results and is just harder to balance in general.

4. And here are some random suggestions for various things:
1) Runic Grass weapons don't look even remotely to jungle weapons. That's not a bad thing, but it's a bit weird that Thorn Chackram or Blade of Grass is crafted using the same ingredients, but looks entirely different. My idea is to make Vikings drop some sort of an alloy which would also be used in the recipe. It would give players more reasons to fight the invasion (when it's ported, of course).

2) Add Runic Tungsten sword. It's just strange that you can craft the silver one with Tungsten bars.

3) Snow items are bit overpowered. You just need to mine some snow, yet the items are more powerful that any wooden/cactus items, snow sword and bow even have autoswing. Besides, maybe they should recieve some small changes to feel a bit more special. Snow Bow can be very inaccurate (it's made from snow after all), Snow Staff can shoot a burst of snowballs.

4) Runic weapons act as swords, so I think they should get autoswing ability if player wears Feral Claws and its tinkers.

5) Maybe there should be a special crafting station to craft runes. It's just a bit strange that you can craft them with your bare hands.

6) For some reason FrostCore (which, in my opinion, should be renamed to 'Frostcore') Tome and Spear have different rarities, compared to other FrostCore items.

7) Your Bestiary Entries should be improved (right now it doesn't even show the biome your enemies spawn in), besides, your bestiary doesn't have an icon, chaos orb has an entry while Völva doesn't.

That's all I have to say for now. I am glad that this mod is being worked on (the first announcement literally made my day) and I wish you good luck with further development!


@TOMKA thank you SO very much for all of the feedback!
1 - Good point, when we were working on the mod in 2020 I got really excited by people wanting to add sprites to the mod as I consider myself a really bad spriter. I'll think about this one!
2 - I agree to this. It's a first step. The combo mechanics we had before for the berserker class was too limiting as it was using mouse buttons and there are only 2. We could have another design for this.
3 - I'm starting to think about this more. Another person kinda brought the same point as runes can be really OP. Having a maximum of one could be a good idea.

For the suggestion
1 - Yeah, I can see where you're coming from with that and having viking drop more stuff would be great for sure. Even though they drop the Viking weapons amongst other things. More ore is always great right?
2 - I will probably rename it and be like the shiny runic weapons using either plat or gold, to avoid confusion. The sprite basically is, blade made out of silver, handle made out of tungsten.
3 - Will nerf them a bit!
4 - Yeah I guess it's misleading as they are swords, axes and hammers but they have their own unique dmg class and items improving melee weapons are improving melee dmg class weapons. I can understand from a user perspective it can feel weird! I'll think about that.
5 - It's in the plan yes! Making tiles is a bit of a pain in the butt and as I said, I suck at spiriting, but it will happen!
6 - Good catch, will look at that
7 - Absolutely, they are all in the todo list but user can't know that

Thanks again!
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