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Your 1.3 Christmas wishlist to Red Santa....


-upgrade to tactial shotgun
-upgrade to inferno fork
-swagger horsemans blade
-better ranger
-unlock the doors of nerfing melee
-"cooler" frost armor


My wishlist:
1. A mushroom version of plantera. (I'm thinking of making a thread elaborating on this. Will post *here* if I do)
2. More desert content.

Darkest Gaia

  1. Another laser
  2. A lot of suggestions
  3. Frenzy wisp pet
  4. Void wisp pet
  5. Maskeraith pet
  6. Haunter pet
  7. Specific world gen options, such as alternate control. I want to make sure I get cobalt.
  8. More RNG, as long as it isn't too ridiculous.
  9. Direct upgrades


I may need someone to help me on this thread :/ Okay i guess I'm going to feature the longer lists and ones i actually think are pretty neat as 4 pages of wishlists is a lot!

The Real Sharknado

Eye of Cthulhu
I would totally love some new things to do in the Sky, maybe a spaceman NPC, or more enemies, or something of the sort. Also, New fishing items! That would be so awesome.


Aliens in the space biome, Quickman costume, Samus costume, More transformation items, Vanity showing when you are transformed, Lavabolt, Cyber, Toddvald's Tinkering, Survival Mode, Creative Mode, Texture Pack Support, Joe, Empty Space as one of the new mounts, Super Sayan OVER 9000 Goku as a boss.

Except for the last 2, I want all of those.

Kreuz Drache

Official Terrarian
Dragons. *_*

Also, some more reasonable drop/spawn rates for some things, like Antlions and the Traveling Merchant.


Something that would be pretty cool in my eyes would be an alternative to the hallow, something that represents light, but is not a good place; like the hallow. :p


OMG this thread is getting a lot more attention then I thought. it's still not much but better than the 3 replies I thought I'd get! Thanks gusy fro your support


PTpirahna's wishlist:
For the Terraria on Mac thing to work out (stuck on mobile for now)
The Cyber/Corrosion


1. Corrosion
2. Those 2 suggestions in my signature.
3. Some way to fix the crimson and corruption from eating the jungle
4. If there's an alt hallow, some way to have all 4 in 1 world.
5. Some way to customize what ores or evils we want in our world
From, Cansteam


1. Better Crimson
2. Better Space/Desert/Snow Biome
3. Jungle won't be destroy by Corruption/Crimson
4. The Cyber
5. Duel Handheld Portal Device
6. Increase Mimic Spawn
7. Better things for summoner to make it become a real class
8. More vanity costume
9. The update will release in this year
10. S.P.O.I.L.E.R.S



Staff member
darthmorf's wishlist
  • Mannequins having a proper inventory, for dyes, armour and accessories.
  • Dyeable weapons
  • Rare generated structures
  • Moar pets and functional mounts (like that mining one!).
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