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Empress of Light
Hey Terrarians, I have a question for you! What are your favorite blocks to build with? (Or just to have around in general.)

I’ll tell you mine first, it’s the new Starry Blocks.
(I guess that’s a spoiler… Well, it was on the official twitter so it’s okay!)


So what are your favorites?

The Storm

I like the Martian conduit plating and crystal blocks along with their walls. This new block looks very nice.


Eye of Cthulhu
I like ebonwood, ice bricks, and rainbow blocks! Using all three of those usually gives me a nice and bright combination. I should build another big castle...


Empress of Light
boreal wood and normal wood! you can make some really nice looking starting bases and houses with just these two blocks alone... and never bother redesigning your base because you're just that lazy to tear it down and start from scratch


Exodus Starlit

Dungeon Spirit
There are so many to choose from. Luminite Brick when they have fixed coded layout.

Crystal Blocks, I like how they merge together with other blocks and they still they have outline no matter what.

Waterfall Block to spice up a little bit an atmosphere.

Honey Block doesn't look bad to build hives with but their masive movement and jump reduction isn't even worth build with. I wish you could make sticky Honey block with regular Honey Block and Bottled Honey.

My other blocks I like to build with specially are Ebonstone Bricks, Stone Slab, Hay Block and Borael Wood. Building were made before Crystal furnite was trully released, if you want to know.

my favourite modded block are Lodestone Slab and Valadium Plating for Thorium Mod that I made by myself:

Sorry, Ghostar, I still hope you will enjoy what I have to say.
If you can make starry backgrounds out of these blocks, I'm sold.
When actuators are with us, the non-existence of walls has no power over us!

But anyway, slime blocks have soft edges and no paint resistance. Bubble is also pretty soft but it's got paint resistance and isn't solid.


I think boreal wood is probably one of my faves. Very pretty.

On another note; I miss the OG ore bricks from way back in the day before they were changed (eg; copper, silver, gold) and wish there was still a way to craft those. They kind of looked like metalic tinted stone bricks that sparkled.
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