Your favorite Pillar?


  • Vortex

    Votes: 15 53.6%
  • Solar

    Votes: 6 21.4%
  • Nebula

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • Stardust

    Votes: 5 17.9%

  • Total voters


In the title. It's about not difficulty, but style of pillars.

My favorite - Vortex. It seems the most understandable of all. An alien race, that has very strong symbiosis with bugs (and, maybe Vortexians are bugs), but uses high-tech equpment at the same time! Super cool.
Then Solar - Solar creatures with huge physical strength. They don't need any technology, because they are incredibly strong on their own, and could survive anywhere. The only thing I don't like here - Crawltipede. That worm seems to be mechanical, and I don't see how those creatures could have made something like that.
Then Nebula - despite having pink color (diapason between pink and purple - my favorite colors) monsters are "meh". They are brain related, and most of them also have psychic abilities, but there's not big monsters, ones could actually have noticable large brains. Also I don't like that Nebula armor and weapons doesn't share that "brain" thematic at all, and have rather purple-ish colors than pink.
And Stardust. Just a bunch of random weird mobs, especially Twinkie. SERIOUSLY. YOU ARE TINY ROBOT. WHY YOU ARE MAKING SOUND OF A HUGE BEAST. Also I can't say that armor seems to be related to monsters (half of the armor painted in yellow, while the event itself doesn't have any yellow at all). And Stardust Dragon came out of nowhere. Why we don't have one as a mob?


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I like Stardust because the color and the background are so awesome, and the armor gives you Star Platinum as Stand, and as a JoJo fan, i think this is really cool


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Solar Pillar is probably my favorite because the background is very cool and the Crawltipedes are an interesting and cool looking enemy. The names of the ground enemies suggest the Solar creatures are part of an ancient race of creatures that live on stars.


I like the solar pillar. Its the only one i dont die a hundred times in. But Nebula sucks because those stupid nebula piercers are hard to even hit once becuase when i fly up to it it just poofs away and than like 100 of them swarm and i die instantly.


I personally like Nebula's Background. But for enemy wise, Stardust. Stardust enemies remind me more of an evolution, thinking of them like-
Star Cell is first structure, to Milkyway Weaver, to become a Twinkle Popper, to Flow Invader, and to Stargazer.

But thats just me. ;P


I like the solar pillar for 3 reasons
1. its Atmosphere
2. the enemies look AMAZING to me with their design to me!
3. the loots! SO GOOD :naughty:


1. Vortex: Has most of my favourite colors, and seems future-ish. Also, I like things connected to black holes, and space, so why not? Has a cyberpunk feeling afterall.
The only thing I don't like about it is bugs. I mean, why would bugs evolve to a level like this? I know they have the highest population on Earth, and some can survive in really frantic circumstances, but come on. At least they're some humanoid ones in the game.
2. Nebula: Enemies may be boring, but the atmosphere caught me. Those galaxy themed things are really welcome in my book.
3. Stardust: I'm with the OP, and to be honest, this part:
made me laugh, in a positive way, it makes sense. But I still prefer it's design over solar's.
4. Solar: The reason it's the last on my list may be a little bit subjective, but my rating also considers gameplay. It's just personal experience. I died TONS of times here, I know it's my fault (it's pretty well balanced actually), but these fails made me a little sceptic about solar. Human mind can be unjust.
Designwise, it's a no-problem for me, but I'm not a fan of these ancient-race-thingy ideas.
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