Your Main Headcanons


Eye of Cthulhu
I've got a whole lot of headcanons and worldbuilding for my own Terr-verse, so I'm curious if anyone else has any! It doesn't matter how big or small the headcanon is, I just wanna hear whatcha got, and maybe how you got there if you have info there!! Happy postening!

Some of the personal ones that I haven't mentioned are...

- Stardust, Nebula, Vortex and Solar entities are, in fact, sentient and intelligent! They just don't seem like it to most normal Terrarians.
- Mechas are very common, and there's more mechs than just the mechanical bosses. (I gotta figure out who made them, though...)


The Destroyer
My headcanon for Terraria bosses is that when they are defeated for the first time, More of the boss for example, Eye of Cthulhu after it was defeated for the first time would be a soulless, empty replica; made to do just the objective of those they've been cloned from.
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