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Your main Pre-Hardmode loadout?


Skeletron Prime
Everybody has their epic end-game Hardmode loadout, full of stuff from the Hardmode Dungeon, Frost and Pumpkin Moons, and even just Plantera and Golem. But what about the stuff from the Underground Jungle, the Underworld, and the Dungeon? Dust off the old suit of Molten Armor and study your Water Bolt spell tome, because we are talking about pre-hardmode loadouts! There aren't as many options, but pre-hardmode is still fun.

I personally use Necro Armor, and main the Boomstick and Phoenix Blaster, with a Star Cannon sometimes. What do you like to enter hardmode with?

I guess I am saying this because my LP is finally entering hardmode (and my friend Sean is on his first character, so he has no idea what he is in for!), and I am reflecting on what has happened over the past 62 episodes. Yeah we are kind of slow like that.
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Black Scythe

Hmm.. I usually enter hardmode with crimson/shadow armor depending on what the world has and a muramasa + minishark for weapons.
Accessories would be frostspark boots, obsidian shield, Lucky Horseshoe, Band of Regeneration + Anything random/Emblem that the Wall of Flesh drops.


Lunatic Cultist
Bee armor
Bee Gun, Beenades, Hornet staff, Imp staff, Boulders, Ivy Whip,
Frostspark boots, Band of Regeneration, Lava Waders, Obsidian Shield, Shackle I guess.... mostly whatever I pickup though.


Official Terrarian
Jungle Armour
Starfury (I do miss the old version however), Water Bolt, Fire Flower, Slime Staff or Demon Scythe.
Mana Flower, Nature's Gift, Cloud In A Balloon, Spectre Boots, Obisidian Shield.

Since the nerf to the Mana flower though, I never end up keeping it into hardmode, And get a ranged-armour suit up. (Honestly with how much mana the best mage-items endgame consume, You easily cap out on the Damage reduction. I never did fully understand why the mana flower was nerfed.)


Official Terrarian
Molten/Crimson armor.
Pheonix Blaster, Night's Edge, Dark Lance, Sunfury, Demon Scythe (when available), Sharanga (when available).
Spectre Boots, Something in a bottle, Other accessories.

Edit: And a decent gemhook
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Molten armor
Night’s Edge
Dark Lance
Sun Fury
Phoenix blaster
Fish hook
Magma stone
Obsidian shield
lightning boots (still haven’t found ice skates >.<)
Frog legs
Lava waders


Skeletron Prime
Hm I can't really say i have a definite Prehardmode load out but certian items see more use than others generally I only get what I find or need for hardmode but some items are quite valuble

Standard acquisitions
In generall
Crimson Armor for a Crimson world... This armor is one of the few items that actually is OP. If available it last you well into hardmode... Aquire as soon as BOC is beaten
This armor also allows you to stay class neutral and still be quite strong
Strongest Summon-(always keep your best summon available as its free damage)
Ivy whip
Nights edge-I tend to hold off untill ready for WOF to keep the Blade of grass as long as possible but I always try to craft this before hardmode.
Dark lance
Thorn Chakram
Pheonix Blaster
Molten fury
accessories (5 of these as relevant)
obsidian shield
regeneration band
frost spark boots(provides more than enough mobility/ fall survivability)
lava waders if possible otherwise diving gear and any acquired upgrades
feral claws for WOF (prior to that a balloon jump item)
Mage Spec:(Only done once got kind of lucky here with my bets luck ever a easy Demon scythe(2nd demon in hell) water bolt(outside the dungeon) Book of Skulls(upon killing Skeletron for the 1st time)
Diamond Staff
Demon scythe
Water Bolt
Book of Skulls

mana restoration band (I don't like mana cuffs so early on...)
Mana flower(mana cost reduction)
Obsidian shield
lava waders/frost spark
regeneration band


awww i love prehardmode anyways here is my stuff!
armor-Ancient Cobalt/jungle(its pretty good)
vanity-Silver armor(awesome and brings back memories)
Starfury(favorite weapon prehardmode!)
Star cannon(second favorite gun)
Diamond staff(favorite prehardmode magic weapon)
water bolt
magic missle
Demon scythe
space gun
true night's edge(just in case)
diamond hook
Pheonix blaster
and minishark!
Obsidian shield(duh)
lightning boots/frostspark boots
mana flower
magic cuffs
and life regen band

but yeah thats my pre hardmode setup!hope you like it :D


My pre-Hardmode magic set-up!

-Magic Hat
-Diamond Robe
-Meteor Leggings

Nets you a total:
10 defense (2 hat, 3 robe, 5 leggings)
+140 mana (80 from robe, 60 from robe/hat set bonus)
-23% mana cost (15 from robe, 8 from mana flower)
+14% magic damage (7 from hat, 7 from leggings)
+7% magic critical chance (from hat)

Warding Frostspark Boots (+4 defense), lava waders in vanity slot to switch when needed.
Warding Obsidian Shield (+6 defense total)
Warding Yellow Horseshoe Balloon (+4 defense)
Warding Mana Flower (+4 defense)
Arcane Magic Cuffs (+40 mana total)

After accessories and filling up your mana you will have 28 defense and 380 mana.

Mythical Flamelash
Mythical Diamond Staff
Mythical Flower of Fire
Legendary Enchanted Sword (not the best pre-hardmode sword but it's super rare and looks awesome)
Ruthless Imp Staff

Final touch is a gypsy robe in the chest vanity slot.



Eye of Cthulhu
Prehardmode layout:
Mage -
Meteor Armor or Wizard Hat + Diamond Robe + filler if I am able to get multiple Warding accessories.

Diamond Staff
Demon Scythe
Utility Magic weapon (Vilethorn, Crimson Rod, etc.)
Space Gun or decent Ranged weapon (eg. Star Cannon) depending on wherever I am using Meteor Armor or not.

Frostspark Boots
Horseshoe Balloon
Celestial Cuffs or Band of Regeneration if unavailable.
Obsidian Shield
Filler - Usually Watch or Depth Meter, though can be substituted for a variety of things depending on the situation.

Sapphire or better Gem Hook.
Fox suit (vanity)
Cobalt Shield /w Red and Silver dye (vanity)


Headless Horseman
Armor: Necro Molten or Meteor. Depends on what class I lean towards.
Accessories: Obsidian Shield, Spectre Boots, Cloud in a Balloon, and two other random accessories
Weapons: Minishark w/ meteor bullets, Night's Edge, Demon Scythe, Space Gun, other random useless junk. And that is about it


I have about 4 character on the go at the moment (one main playthrough, one personal world to spend time building in, one for helping my friend do pumpking moons and such and one for teaching my boyfriend how to Terraria) and with my general pre-hardmode loadout I try and get full molten armor, knights edge, imp staff, obsidian shield, bundle of balloons (usually involves some cheeky looting of other worlds), spectre boots and water bolt.



-Night's Edge
-Pheonix Blaster

-Full Molten Set

-Spectre/Lightning/Frostspark Boots
-Obsidian Shield
-whatever 3 random accessories I find and that I think are good

-Molten Pickaxe
-Molten Hamaxe
-Emerald Hook or better
-Magic Mirror
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I usually go mage, with my pre-hardmode setup generally looking like this at minimum before I even consider beginning hardmode:

  • Diamond Staff
  • Demon Scythe
  • Water Bolt
  • Flamelash or Magic Missile
  • Vilethorn, Crimson Rod, or both
  • Thorn Chakram
  • Phaseblade or Starfury

  • Wizard Hat or Magic Hat
  • Diamond Robe
  • Armor pants depending on what I feel I need most. Shadow/Crimson/Molten for defense, Jungle/Ancient Cobalt for mana, or Meteor for magic damage.

  • Lightning Boots
  • Any Horseshoe Balloon
  • Celestial Cuffs or Magic Cuffs
  • Mana Flower
  • Obsidian Shield

  • Molten Pickaxe
  • Nightmare or Deathbringer Pickaxe
  • Molten Hamaxe
  • Ivy Whip
  • Magic Mirror

On the less frequent occasion that I go with a ranger character, the setup looks more like this:

  • Minishark
  • Phoenix Blaster
  • Star Cannon
  • Molten Fury
  • Vilethorn or Crimson Rod
  • Thorn Chakram
  • Phaseblade or Starfury

  • Meteor Shot
  • Unholy Arrows
  • Fallen Stars

  • Full Necro Armor set

  • Lightning Boots
  • Any Horseshoe Balloon
  • Band of Regeneration
  • Depending on what I have: Sweetheart Necklace, Panic Necklace, Tiger Climbing Gear, or Anklet of the Wind
  • Obsidian Shield

  • Molten Pickaxe
  • Nightmare or Deathbringer Pickaxe
  • Molten Hamaxe
  • Ivy Whip
  • Magic Mirror
If Meteor Armor:
  • Space Gun
  • Diamond/Ruby Staff
  • Water Bolt
  • Demon Scythe
If Jungle Armor:
  • Water Bolt
  • Demon Scythe
  • Diamond/Ruby Staff
  • Space Gun
  • Book of Skulls


Eye of Cthulhu
Meteorite Armor and space gun. Also I used rocket boots, regen band, lucky horseshoe, obsidian shield, and natures gift. accesories don't even matter. With the space gun and meteo armor. In my opinion its the best pre hardmode weapon but only when paired with the armor.


Skeletron Prime
My current prehardmode loadout is very important to me because unlike many Terrarians, I take my time in prehardmode and do literally EVERYTHING in prehardmode. I like dragging out my playthrough in prehardmode by up to 6 months if I have to. Anyways, my current loadout consists of (btw I am too lucky this game loves me)
Legendary Enchanted Sword
Light Bone Pickaxe
Quick Meteorite Hamaxe
Godly Thorn Chakram
Godly swordfish
Mythical Waterbolt ( haven't even killed skeletron yet, I found it mythical XD)
Rapid mini shark
I don't know some other magic weapon
My inventory armor and accessories
Magic mirror
Ruby hook
Fuzzy carrot
Shadow orb
Dog whistle
Bug net
Around 300 worms
Golden fishing rod
Bee armor
Accessories: frostspark boots, magic carpet, frog legs, artic diving gear, bundle of balloons, lava waders, white horseshoe balloon. As you can tell, I already have a lot of stuff. In fact, I was so lucky that in my large world ( ftw small and medium sucks ) I found ALL of the accessories for the bundle of balloons in the same map! I also have 5 platinum and a ridiculous amount of resources. I still have a good 3-4 months left in prehardmode so time to get base building!
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