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your 'OMG' game moment?


Official Terrarian

>When Aerith died in FF7
>When Lavitz died in TLoD
>When Nanami died on my first playthrough of suikoden II
>Serge becomes Lynx in Chrono cross
>Soylent system in Xenogears
>Major change in gameplay in Xenogears Disc 2
>first time i played terraria
>first time i visited the dungeon and got slaughtered by the dungeon guardian
>first time i got to the underworld and suddenly WoF


Skeletron Prime
I just had one of those moments today in AC: Revelations - I was doing a mission where the optional objective was to not get detected while searching prisoners. By pure chance, this templar soldier investigates a body just below and instead of going to the other bodies, he takes the ladder that leads him STRAIGHT to me. Made me panic and I was stuck in the climbing position, he detected me and I had to restart the mission to get that optional objective. That soldier had better detective skills than Cole Phelps.
Shovel Knight; Plague of Shadows: was having alot of trouble with Propeller Knight, died more than 10 times to him. I beat him with no damage taken when I grew tired of him.


Fighting monsters and Monster Hunter is a very powerful experience. Lots of times you can even develop certain rivalries with certain monsters or arch-enemies.

But sometimes it's about leaving a message...

Lancers were often shunned in MH, especially in 3rd Gen, literally any Lance Guide of MH3U was them talking about Lance's flaws and given misinformation (for the last time the counter is NOT a charge attack) while the rest of the weapons were had a strong playerbase behind them which left me incredibly annoyed as I was mostly on my own on how to use the darn thing.

Then came Pink Rathian, basically the equivalent of that "one boss" that people had a hard time with and me as a lowly Lance user (and the fact that this was my first game) was shaking in their pants when I came face to face with this flying monstrosity. Then you end the fight with no potion and antidotes taken and for the first time in your life you feel like a boss. Not to say I didn't get hit though, but it was about 2 - 3 times and never by the tail. Never found P. Rath that hard ever again really.
New moment from me: I was playing GMod and messing with the weld tool. Found out that using the 'easy weld' option on vehicles without disabling the collision the object you're trying to weld on causes... hilarity. Seriously, I sent a :red:ing fuel truck into orbit. By 'orbit', I mean it got stuck on roof of the map. Yeah... that was a fun night.

Also, DO NOT select a welded object and accidentally make use of the 'easy weld' option on the ground. Just... trust me... and the dead body of my character that got sent flying across the map.


Landing on the Mun (equivalent of the Moon) in Kerbal Space Program. There's just this amazing sense of achievement, especially since I had come so close but ran out of fuel before then.


Nearly crapped myself early on in Terraria when I was new. I was just messing around in Hell killing things. Found out with a surprise that when you kill a demon holding the Voodoo and it drops into lava....well yes. Completely unprepared and was not sure what I was up against. Big time WTF moment. I won and had to take a short break to get my mind back.
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