Terraria: Otherworld You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: The Ocean Biome in Terraria: Otherworld

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Happy Friday everyone!

As you might have seen in our social media teasers, we were working hard in person with Engine's new project lead putting in design work and more on Terraria: Otherworld last week. We wanted to give you guys a spoiler last week as well, but sometimes life (and bugs) get in the way of our plans. ;)

That said - we are happy to be able to share the latest spoiler with you guys this afternoon: a quick dive into the Ocean Biome in Otherworld! Deadly sharks and more await you as you try to hold your breath long enough to explore the murky depths for loot and adventure. There is a lot to see in this quick snapshot, so we will leave you to your usual dissection and speculation. Enjoy!


Oh yeah.....Multiplayer is working, as you can see. Just sayin'. :cool:

We hope you enjoy this latest spoiler, and we look forward to sharing more about Terraria: Otherworld with you in the weeks and months to come!
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I'm so happy about how this game progrides in every spoiler,T:OW will be a game so innovator,thanks by your awesome company,but I have a question:If this game haves a new engine,obviostly supports more liquids,so there will be more liquids like acid

But I'm worried about 1 thing:the items in most screenshots are in terraria,so this game appears to be terraria whit new graphics,storyline and level up system:(
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