Terraria: Otherworld You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: The Ocean Biome in Terraria: Otherworld

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`:passionate: Simply so pretty- it's like it takes our ever-loved classic Terraria worlds and throws on a sugary glaze, smoothing everything out and making it tastier than ever. I don't mind waiting for such a delectable treat, and I appreciate all the teasers you guys are sharing. thank you


Absolutely beautiful
I just hope it's possible to swim without accessories now, or maybe some kind of skill for that?
Though judging by how Mrs. Biome is using their grappling hook I doubt it's possible.
That cave on the right looks super comfy with that torch and cooking pot, especially the lighting is so warm I love it.


Happy Friday everyone!

As you might have seen in our social media teasers, we were working hard in person with Engine's new project lead putting in design work and more on Terraria: Otherworld last week. We wanted to give you guys a spoiler last week as well, but sometimes life (and bugs) get in the way of our plans. ;)

That said - we are happy to be able to share the latest spoiler with you guys this afternoon: a quick dive into the Ocean Biome in Otherworld! Deadly sharks and more await you as you try to hold your breath long enough to explore the murky depths for loot and adventure. There is a lot to see in this quick snapshot, so we will leave you to your usual dissection and speculation. Enjoy!

Oh yeah.....Multiplayer is working, as you can see. Just sayin'. :cool:

We hope you enjoy this latest spoiler, and we look forward to sharing more about Terraria: Otherworld with you in the weeks and months to come!
I see a coconut bomb
I am allergic...

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ohmyterra OCEAN BIOME.



It's happening!


Man I'd love to be a bug tester on this game. Big fan of the original and can't wait for this one. (I do have a little experience in bug testing if you need someone :p)
I wonder what those key looking things are for, and why they're being dropped by sharks.

One thing I've wanted for a while was a more relevant ocean. Not just a place you stand in to wait for spawns. This looks promising.
It's look great ! but i'm the only one who has seen a new work bench ? Top right, you see ? And right, there's in the little cave a
skeleton, a red torch (?) and a new crafting station maybe ?


First of all: Awesome! And second of all: What platforms will otherworld possibly be on? I dont know because this is the first time ive been on in months...
[doublepost=1472852825,1472852648][/doublepost]Also, by the time this comes out, i will probably have a new computer with a BRAND. NEW. GRAPHICS CARD! I can finally be a computer game player for once!!!


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Those water surface graphics are pretty awesome, wow.

Nice job Re-logic! You look like you're doing awesome!


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Oh I sure hope that the ocean will not be as empty as it is in Terraria. Actually from that picture excluding fishing related content (such as Reaver shark and duke Fisheron, I think there already is more content than the ocean we have now in terraria. If I recall correctly the only unique drops are banners, shark fins diving helmets purple mucus and black ink... everything else is fishing only... with the only hardmode content being Duke Fishron...

I can't think of anything other than fishing and dyes that is actually a unique reason to visit the ocean (water chests can spawn anywhere though the ocean has a higher spawn chance as an area because of its size it has nothing on the jungle for quantity of water chests...)

I suspect it is because the ocean was used as a barrier rather than a biome but it just begs for content to use that water survival gear. This is looking like that survival gear is going to be quite important I hope their are some nice incentives to visit :) The ocean always needs more love
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