Terraria: Otherworld You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: The Ocean Biome in Terraria: Otherworld

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Gives me hope for the ocean trenches I wanted Terraria to have. I got my underground desert caves in Terraria, lets see if I get a dark underwater trench adventure in Otherworld :D
Last time I checked I remember not being wholly convinced by the art-style, thinking I'd prefer the OG Terraria's, but holy :red: that is a beautifully insane screenshot.
I always loved the concept of a "fleshed out" ocean in terraria, but sadly the concept was never put into practice. This brings me hope. Keep us the great work at Re-Logic. This new game will be well worth the wait.

I'm still waiting for the horse mask to be spoiled.
It looks like the ocean biome will be more interesting that Terraria :)
Now if we can get a giant octopus as a boss/miniboss that.... would... be...AWESOME
Is there any chance this is coming for mobiles after the pc release

Otherworld aint got crysis like graphics and doesnt look that way more demanding than original terraria game which gets 1.3 on mobile next year so can i have any hope
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speculation time! so far I have noticed: keys needed to unlock chests (keys in his inventory), a larger variety of underwater animals, underwater caves and rock formations, mega sharks, a strange laser beam coming in from above (despite both players presumably wielding a weapon unrelated to it),potions can be placed (on the crafting bench), much more variants of coral, super sharks, a strange underwater background (possibly still the regular floating island background),the player who made the screen shot is "Mrs biome" due to the fact the drowning logo is in the players inventory, wings don't seem to work underwater (otherwise the players would be using the ones the have equipped instead of a grapple hook), and finally: levelling up is not limited to weapons. most likely this will be our new method of increasing health, mana and overall power.
Joe: oh my god sharks:mad:
Moe:and that is the part your excited about:sigh:\
Moe:... okay then ... what about Terraria otherworld:rolleyes:
Joe: THEY MUST DIE:naughty:
Moe: JOE NO:(
Moe: you kidding me Red
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