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Terraria: Otherworld You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: The Ocean Biome in Terraria: Otherworld

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Eye of Cthulhu
Happy Friday everyone!

As you might have seen in our social media teasers, we were working hard in person with Engine's new project lead putting in design work and more on Terraria: Otherworld last week. We wanted to give you guys a spoiler last week as well, but sometimes life (and bugs) get in the way of our plans. ;)

That said - we are happy to be able to share the latest spoiler with you guys this afternoon: a quick dive into the Ocean Biome in Otherworld! Deadly sharks and more await you as you try to hold your breath long enough to explore the murky depths for loot and adventure. There is a lot to see in this quick snapshot, so we will leave you to your usual dissection and speculation. Enjoy!

Oh yeah.....Multiplayer is working, as you can see. Just sayin'. :cool:

We hope you enjoy this latest spoiler, and we look forward to sharing more about Terraria: Otherworld with you in the weeks and months to come!
Pc only. Bite me.


All i see in this is possible skill leveling, just think about leveling potions so that you get more per ingredients or learn how to make stronger or longer lasting versions of potions!


I never heard about this but it surely looks amazing. Will folk, who bought Terraria, get it for free or at a discount than first time buyers?
i dont think so, because its like will i get a discount on portal 2 if i had portal 1, or will i get a discount on sister location if i had fnaf 4


That picture is very cool. I just hope that game has two improvements: infinite amount of water in seas and improved water (liquid) physics. It is quite lame imho that you can drain seas in Terraria. Terrarias liquid physics also pretty much breaks when large amounts of water or other liquid needs to move (like for example draining large lake to some hole or cavern under it.


King Slime
I am not only referring to graphics here... Looking at apparent mechanics that also interact with the graphics. Like the water, which in terraria if I were to release the ocean; it will most likely chug a bit. Or rather more water... animations do count, and on top mechanics to drive what is going on screen.

I have a lower end system, 2012 make; which was mid range then, or close to it. I am not truly worried, as my main point was wondering on spec minimums in general. Regardless of what is in this pic or any other snipets they have shown so far. I guess curiosity more or less, as there are many newer game I know I will not ever get to run on this system... Not that it bothers me, just a pondering. :dryadsmile:
Ok, yup.


Excited... so excited! Such a beautiful game with so many cool new things yet definitely so much of the Terraria we love as well. Oceans are looking awesome with the cove-type caverns, islands, new enemies and more just from that one little screenshot. Can't wait, yet waiting eagerly and glad they're taking the time to do it right!

I hope there will be some way of knowing when it's ready because I want to be all over this on day one, whether that's in a month or another year! :D
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