Yoyo through blocks

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    So i found a bug
    If you are in a UFO mount (summoned by the Cosmic Car Key) and you fly up to a one block thick surface, so you are touching it and you fire a yoyo straight up it will go through the block.

    GIF Gyazo links:

    On Multi-Player:

    On Single-Player:

    If you need more details just ask

    You can also fire it through multiple blocks at the time, if you aim directly over your head. If it is just a little bit offset it wont fire through the second block. I can't, atleast I havent been able to, fire through more that 2 blocks

    GIF Gyazo link(s):

    Right over the players head:

    A bit offset:

    Edit 2: After more testing I couldnt make it go thorugh 2 blocks anymore, but i decided to keep it in the post because I managed to do it so just in case it still was possible i kept it in
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