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Who do you want me to make next?

  1. Pedguin

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  2. Cenx

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  3. ChippyGaming

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  4. Redigit

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  1. Finn (Or Emerald)

    Finn (Or Emerald) Steampunker

    Yrimir is a cool channel, and you should check out my Tribute to him on the General Square, this is the basic Pixel Art image

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  2. Finn (Or Emerald)

    Finn (Or Emerald) Steampunker

    I would like some Criticism on this too if you please :)
  3. 1ForgottenSpriter

    1ForgottenSpriter Skeletron

    It is amazing but he stopped like a dozen years ago
  4. Finn (Or Emerald)

    Finn (Or Emerald) Steampunker

    Not really, he came back around 2014 and he's stopped sense, so yeah