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IC Yuu High : A Superhero Academy IC

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
"That's cool!"
Blue seems to be amazed by Mike's Gear, and notices Bubby looking sort of sad or something. I don't know.
"Hey, what's wrong, Bubby? Do you wanna have a Sprite Cranberry ice cream?"
He offers a literal Sprite Cranberry ice cream on a cone he made a minute ago.
I accept it quietly.

"None much. Just thinking about my gear."

I then proceed take a huge bite out of the ice cream, startling the first person to notice.

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
I immediately put the food back in his lunch box.

"I'm just thinking about my gear..."

You notice an eerie glow coming from my eyes. Warn me?

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
I gasp, then look away, seeming panicked. I look over myself as the glow dissipates. I then turned back to Mike.

"Mike... That 'eerie glow' is the same glow when I'm inside of 'it,' and you don't want to see me inside of 'it.' "

You can tell I'm talking about my Broken Shadow.

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
"No, it's fine. I was probably doing it on accident, that always goes slower than when I'm doing on purpose, which is basically my eyes go completely red and my whole body gets coated in darkness almost instantly."

Seeing as I have already turned to face Mike, I simply face Mike.

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
You can tel by my face that I am all like, 'what the frick is wrong with this kid!?'

Either that or I'm assuming you like me

In that way.


"How about showing us your powers, sir?"
"Lets have a challenge!"
*Happy begins preparing the next course while talking to Blue.*
"If you can figure out the exact name of my Gear, I will reward the whole class with a special gift. However, you can't just blurt out random answer nye get the answer from someone else."

"The next course is set up! Now I need everyone to line up against the line. If you can beat me to the finish line..."
*Happy points toward the finish line, about a mile away. He then thinks for a brief moment, then lights up.*
"Then you will get an optional free pass on the next trial!"
*Happy trots along to the starting line.*
"In addition to so, I will give a twenty second head start!"


"I am hoping everyone is on the starting line and hasn't started yet, Blue!"
*Happy points towards Blue with a smile like always*

"Bubby, you need to get on the starting line quickly, we are about to start."
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