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Sprites Yuyu's Minibiomes: The Dark Sepulchre

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by Yuyutsu, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Hey, gang! Yuyutsu here, and I'm back with another one of:
    Yuyu's Minibiomes!

    Now, I love making underground microstructure suggestions for Terraria. In fact, I already have! To understand why I'm fascinated with the Terrarian underground/cavern layer, take a look at the following minimap.
    The Terraria Underground is vast, and has so much potential! Yet, it seems to be wasted by large pools of water, multiple Underground Cabins(which are really cool, but get monotonous), and a bunch of stone, with, pretty much, nothing else. That was only a small section of a Medium World. The aim of my Underground suggestions are to turn the aforementioned minimap into a diverse image that is truly unique around the world. So, let's begin with:

    Dark_Worm (1) (2).png The Dark Sepulchre 202671-1df693c207f5556b1f65623adb4ea695.png


    The Dark Sepulchre is a small microstructure that generates at the Cavern Layer of a Terrarian world. The Sepulchre will be far rarer than Underground Cabins, but will not be super uncommons- you'll be able to find a couple on your Spelunking run.

    The Sepulchre is a rectangular room composed of Titanstone Blocks and Walls (these are really cool Blocks that I've never heard about, and I thought they fit this aesthetic nicely). The interior will be filled with Cursed Pots (see below), Books, and Green Banners. Towards the end of the room, a Dark Chest will be found, illuminated by two Cursed Torches. I'm using a lot of vanilla tiles as part of the Sepulchre's design, but my inspirations comes from, surprise surprise, a Starbound biome. Let's take a look at some of the modded tiles that can be found in the Dark Sepulchre.

    Dark_Worm (1) (2).png
    Cursed Pots
    Similar to other Breakable Pots, except their green eyes glow to make them stand out.
    Loot (any one of these, or Vanilla Pot loot):
    Dark_Worm (1) (9).png Crypt Arrow 10-20
    Dark_Worm (1) (2) (10).png Accursed Round 10-20
    Dark_Worm (1) (2) (13).png Cursed Candy

    Breaking Cursed Pots may spawn 1-3 of the following Critters:
    Dark_Worm (1) (13).png Dark_Worm (1) (14).png Dark_Worm (1) (12).png

    Dark Worm, Decrepit Glob, Cursed Cranium, respectively.

    Dark_Worm (1).png
    Accursed Chest
    Primary Loot:
    Dark_Worm (1) (8).png Staff of the Dark Magus- 50%
    Dark_Worm (1) (10).png Necrotic Pendant- 50%
    Secondary Loot:
    Dark_Worm (1) (9).png Crypt Arrow 20-40
    Dark_Worm (1) (2) (10).png Accursed Round 20-40
    Misc. Vanilla Gold Chest Loot

    Opening the Chest for the first time spawns 2-4 of the following:
    Dark_Worm (1) (2) (14).png

    Wailing Skull (Pre-Hardmode)
    Wraith (Hardmode)


    The Dark Sepulchre doesn't have any special effects. It is simply a new structure.


    The Sepulchre adds 1 new Enemy and 3 new Critters. None of them spawn naturally.
    Dark_Worm (1) (2) (14).png
    Wailing Skull
    32 HP / 4 Defense / 24 Damage
    Lobs Cursed Flame at the Player. rarely Flies through walls, like a Cursed Skull. 2-4 Spawn upon opening an Accursed Chest for the first time.
    Dark_Worm (1) (2) (13).png Cursed Candy- 20%

    Dark_Worm (1) (13).png
    Dark Worm
    5 HP / 0 Defense / 0 Damage
    Acts like a worm. Lingers for 5 seconds before dissipating into shadowy dust. Spawns when breaking Cursed Pots.
    Can be caught and sold for 5 SilverCoin.gif , or turned into their very own Terrarium. Has 25% Bait Power.

    Dark_Worm (1) (14).png
    Accursed Blob
    5 HP / 0 Defense / 0 Damage
    Acts like a slime/grasshopper. Lingers for 5 seconds before dissipating into green dust. Spawns when breaking Cursed Pots.
    Can be caught and sold for 6 SilverCoin.gif , or turned into their very own Terrarium. Has 30% Bait Power.

    Dark_Worm (1) (12).png
    Cursed Cranium
    5 HP / 0 Defense / 0 Damage
    Stays still and blinks. Lingers for 5 seconds before dissipating into shadowy dust. Spawns when breaking Cursed Pots rarely.
    Can be caught and sold for 10 SilverCoin.gif , or turned into their very own Terrarium. Has 35% Bait Power.


    The following items are found by breaking Cursed Pots and looting Accursed Chests, or by other methods:

    Dark_Worm (1) (9).png Dark_Worm (1) (2) (10).png Dark_Worm (1) (2) (13).png
    Misc. Items

    Crypt Arrow:

    7 Damage / 2 Knockback
    Pierces up to two enemies. Found by breaking Cursed Pots or looting Accursed Chests.

    Accursed Round:
    8 Damage / 2 Knockback
    Pierces up to two enemies. Found by breaking Cursed Pots or looting Accursed Chests.

    Cursed Candy:
    Consumable. Reduces life regneration, but increases damage reduction by 7%. 3 min duration.

    Dark_Worm (1) (8).png Dark_Worm (1) (10).png
    Chest Loot

    Staff of the Dark Magus:

    20 Magic Damage / 6 Mana / 2 Knockback / 4% Crit Chance
    Shoots a ball of green flame that, upon hitting an enemy, jumps to another enemy. Hits up to two enemies in this manner.

    Necrotic Pendant
    Has a 20% chance to increase the Player's immunity frames when hit (precursor to the Cross Necklace).

    Dark_Worm (1) (2) (12).png

    Staff of the Accursed Demon:

    41 Magic Damage / 14 Mana / 2 Knockback / 6% Crit Chance
    Shoots a ball of cursed flame that arcs from enemy to enemy. Can hit up to four enemies in this manner. Crafted with a Staff of the Dark Magus and a Cursed Flames (tome) at a Mythril Anvil.

    I managed to make a mock-up of what the Dark Sepulchre would look like in-game with a hint of coding and building. Hope you like it!

    That's all I have for today, guys! I hope you enjoyed another one of my Minibiomes. Comments? Questions? Suggestions? I'd love to hear it! Thanks for reading :D
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2018
  2. Jetstream ∞

    Jetstream ∞ Cultist

    I like this quite a bit. The sprites are all great! I think the structure would benefit from being built from something new instead of Titanstone. That might just be me wanting more for the glowing green aestetic, though. Do the critters have any potential for fishing?
  3. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    I'd make my own tile, but I'm a bit lazy when it comes to spritesheets like those. However, I did forget to add bait powers for the critters! Added them now.
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  4. Vladimier

    Vladimier The Destroyer

    The underground is so boring, having a lot of small but variety of underground gen would freshen up venturing the mining experience. Do more please.
    10/10 starbound reference
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  5. Izumi

    Izumi Terrarian

    This looks pretty great! The underground could use something like this to make mining trips more exciting.
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  6. SamTerarrium

    SamTerarrium Spazmatism

    Another amazing suggestion
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  7. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Thank you guys! Spelunking shouldn't have to be a chore when there's always something new to find.
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