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PC Zenith Mystery Sword?


Official Terrarian
I recently crafted the zenith, and wanted to try it out. I found out, that when it swings, it summons this sword projectile.
Capture 2020-09-06 23_22_59.png

I looked on the official Terraria wiki, but I found nothing for it. Can anyone explain what this is?

Edit: I was able to remake the sprite, pixel-by-pixel.
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I wonder if that's what the Broken Hero Sword used to be? Like, the original unruined version of it appearing almost like a "phantom sword" or something.

Digitus of Aegis

Skeletron Prime
Maybe you have a texture pack that changes the sprite of the Zenith, if you have texture packs, check it.
And if not...Well, i dont know the solution.


Quality Assurance
Staff member
Looks like a texture pack to me, we don't have a sword like that. And if we do, then I'm utterly shocked that I missed it, since I was the one who added the sword projectile choices to Zenith.
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