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spirit of light and that's the last one.
Spirit of light.png

@Brick Creeper Done!
spirit of light and that's the last one.
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@Brick Creeper Done!

It's... beautiful. Just beautiful. Definitely one of my favorites! I can't thank you enough for doing this request. I've decided that this suggestion will also be posted here, that way these guys can see them too! :D

Two questions: Do you plan on finishing/re-doing the SoM? If not, that's ok. I'll probably do it myself. Also, Some people over on the FIW want the SoF to have a hood. Could you add that? I don't care either way

I'm going to cri about my spriting skills mess now.
I revamped my motherboard sprite. Because let's be honest, it was... ew
So I put the new one next to the old one for juxtaposition, and mother of hell Zoomo you've done it again


On its own, the old one looked fine, but next to the new one, it's extremely obvious the new one is vastly superior... :eek:

...and then you look at stage two, and...



All hail our new Motherboard Overlord
Alright lets go requests are open but with a bit more restriction.
I'm going to be making 50x50 pixel portraits. (scaled up to 2x)

You too could look like this handsome fella

It can be any sort of person or creature or what have you. I'm just doing this because I want something fun to do and have no projects currently going. I'll probably open and close it such so that I don't get swamped. So if you want one yay! if not, ok that's fine too.
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Ooo! Ooo! First request!

Could I get a portrait of Desmond?
Desmond The Destroyer bigger.png

If you need info on a pose or some other reference pics I can provide them, just didn't want to overload with you info right off the bat.
Instead of a request I have a list of ideas/suggestions. Feel free to make any, all or none of them.
-A portrait of the Cyber incarnate. A corresponding Terraria sprite would be cool too.
-A Mad Hatter
-An eldritch abomination which feeds on profit, titled The Investor.
-A Sphinx
could I get a fish-like person? light blue skin, with the lower lip and basically everything under that as a pale beige, and large dark green gill-like fins at the side of the head? with just a plain greyish-blue tshirt.
sorry if thats a bit much ._.

If you can, thanks :)
I really like those 6 soul spirit sprites!
The first post of the thread still says requests are closed, by the way.

I'd like to request one of my OC's, Fezola.
Good evening, creator of truly majestic sprites.
If you have time on your hands, I'd like it if you'd create a portrait of André here.

Pose: Eyes hidden under hat, leaning on something, with a faint smile. Just chilling.
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