Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

All npc, all townnpc, all ennemi , all bosses! (maybe not) with this art! *w*

This beautiful guys *w* , if a day i can request for that, i go request fast!
Has anyone noticed the sheer Size of those Gif's and Png's?
The Turtle is so big, its Animation Loop stutters. (On my Age-old Laptop)
Just admire the sheer Size and Work that these Sprites consumed.
10/10, Great Work!
@Jenosis Done!
pixel_Profile jenosis.png

I would like a avatar with a creeper (just the blocky head and half of the body/chest showing) sticking his head almost diagonally into the frame like he is photo bombing. He would be wearing a red clothier hat, and the background would be a brick wall.

I hope that isn't to complicated. :p
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Can I have an Original "Titan" boss sprite, he's based off of the Crimson, and looks very evil, and he's huge, only barely shorter than the WOF, with a weapon close to his size, also based off of the Crimson.

I wanna see what happens if I don't give much reference, your other sprites are amazing, I know you can do it.

And also I can't find an image or describe him much better XD

EDIT: Reworded something.
@ShadowOfDarkness The height of the wof? what do you mean by that? the wall itself doesn't really have a set height, it's a repeated texture. Sorry I'll need some clarification.
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