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I have been buying this torches a lot but never used a lot. 😅


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[TModLoader] how do I make items not show up in the players hand when used (for throwing weapons)

i dont know how these forums work either

Click on the forums tab at the top, and then click the new thread button. Then there will be a list of sub-forums to post it in. Scroll down until you find the category you need.
Nevermind. i just set the scale at 0
I'm getting increasingly depressed. I hate school.
For the foreseeable future, I won't be able to be online during the days, and only be able to infrequently come online during the nights
I've actually and technically been here since early sept. I jsut didn't make an account.so yeah I've seen the rise of many prominenet members here on the forums.I my self have jsut been on the sidelines.
Sir Greybrynnington III
Sir Greybrynnington III
I’ve been here for a while, all I did actually was go onto state of the games and now look at where I am
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i've witnessed the rise and fall of countless prominent members over the years

i am traumatised
Okay, logistic chests acquired, now for construction robots. In addition, I figured out what the liquid barrels are for: transporting fluids using the logistic network.
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