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New profile posts

Fun game:
Give me new ideas for a vibe for my profile. If I like it I will change everything.

This is a good opportunity for kids like you. Use it wisely.
This mountain basin looks completely different after hours of mining stone and placing snow blocks, and countless iron used to make shovels:

(Above: Before (Taken in a creative world with the same seed), Below: After)
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1.18 world gen makes me very happy :)
a redesign on a oc i havent even used in rp yet (Nova)

Capture 2021-09-20 19_44_09.png

Capture 2021-09-20 19_55_29.png

also does anyone have any suggestions for his real name?
no ship..png

Burst but still loyal to WOF (Exists in some rps instead of regular traitor Burst)

Now that they are on opposite sides sometimes, Burst and Besti hopefully should no longer be shipped.
Uh....i think i'm on the Wrong Community ¿Aren't i?;):gslime:
descarga (37).jpeg

Haha,Funny joke

There's nothing to see here :>

Go away,you silly terrarian ;}

C'mon it's a beautiful day,go outside! ^^

¡̵̞̝͆͘̕H̴̡̠́̾́e̸͍̺̔̕̚l̵̪̺͐̀͜͝p̵̻̺͚̿́͒,̴̡̦̞͛͝P̵̝̪͙̈́̈́̚l̴͇̼̙̀̈́͆e̵͉̙̫̐̿͌á̵̻̻̻̓̈́s̴͕̪͋͠e̴̝̻͋̀͜ h̵̢̺́̕̕͜e̵̝̞͔͊͊̐l̸p̵̞̙͎͒͑.̵͉̙̠͝͠.̸̪͖̿͐̓.̸̡̡͎̓̓͘!̴͙̫̫̿̾
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It really is a beautiful day, isn’t it?
yes the dark clouds allow for the most beautiful of days
Quest of Day 7:

Guess the amount of windows, doors and walls in your house then compare that to the actual amount.
Question of Day 433:

What's the hardest thing you've ever done in a video game?
Got a car for for scoring a goal on a small platform in game where cars can't just stop completely (autoaccelerating forward unless you to say to go backwards (press brakes))(at least they can't on mobile)
I punched a tree until it fell over.
nvm that was in real life.
Bro clock towers is all Im gonna say
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