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welp. I start school tomorrow. first day. wish me luck as I go into the horror that is school. I hope I have a long lunch :D
Hey, I'm back! Once again, I'm rebranding my mod. I basically needed to do this, because it can get very confused with the cryptocurrency.
I present: Aetheria. Much of the content will remain the same, but I aim to add diverse and original content, such as an enchanting system!

aetheria logo pixel.png
Guess i'll have to learn C# :confused:
draft of the cover of a comic book i wanna make. (it's gonna be colored soon) any suggestions on how to make it better?
Trees usually have branches below ðe top. Is ðat a walkiŋ television?
it is done.

Gabriel has been rematched and lost yet again, his hate turning to realization that his fallen god cannot help him. He took destiny into his own hands.

Also I killed the leviathan and of course I had to let Gabriel live because he gets to be the final boss AGAIN for act 3.. which is called.. Godfist Suicide..? Idk.. these titles are odd.
Hey just to let y'all know but I'm officially gonna be less active on the forums
I mean, I'll check in on here every once and a while, but I'm not gonna be going out of my way to post stuff. Place just doesn't hit the same as it used to after I got discord
I'll miss the people I met on here, but eh, it's not like I was that close with most of you anyways
also I hope furro comes back soon, they're the one friend of mine who I only have on here at this point
Dormant Heatwave Σ
Dormant Heatwave Σ
Good luck finding a place that isn't as dead as here!
You'll be luckier than I am.
Fluxxation’s IMPOSSIBLE quest of the day, 1:

Find a bad ‘Rude Buster’ mashup (they don’t exist)

POSSIBLE quest: post an amazing ‘Rude Buster’ mashup.
gonna push that stream back until 6:30, I’ve got some stuff to do now that I’m back from tennis.

(20 minutes from now.)

Edit: make that sometime closer to 7. I’m eating dinner.
I've started watching Jojo's Bizarre Advetures. Don't know if you've heard of it, but it's actually really good.
yure yure
Im gonna have to dm you my artistic video i did for a grade arent i? (Steve irwins bizzare adventure)
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