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Ocram? Yes, Ocram may not be a boss (although it would be very cool if he was modified in the right way to fit for a Late Hardmode boss). I would be happy if I just had a painting of him and maybe Lepus and Turkor are there too and the painting would be called Nostalgia.
When I play Smash Bros I just become a really lame and ineffective Peach or Villager stage hazard. %:sigh:
Hey red: we have an enchanted sword shrine, and fake sword shrines, and we have pickaxes in stone, so can we have an enchanted pickaxe of some sort? It doesn’t have to have a high pickaxe power, but can it be really fast?
Hiya! Happy late birthday! I had your request done first, since I couldn't really get it off of my mind,

I hope you enjoy! Lmk if youd like me to fix something.
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The Spider Pit of Death, in my special TCF dedicated castle build.
What are your thoughts on blue trees?
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