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    Re-Playing UNDERTALE

    Re-Playing UNDERTALE
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    hi. and congrats!!! you are the first person to post on my profile

    hi. and congrats!!! you are the first person to post on my profile
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    [Challenge/Prodject] Can we make a boss fight?

    IS there a way to tell exactly which sandblocks are going to be Unactuated? like a warning system?? Can you send me the .wld file? If there is a way, Maybe i can make a warning system or something.
  6. Artificial Fa

    PC [Showcase] New method of entering a HOIK

    Oh, That's Clever! I Never Thought Of That!
  7. Artificial Fa

    DON'T BLINK- The Eye of Cthulhu's amazing adventures..

    lol. . . " Blood Crawler: Good morning! EOC: AH, A CREEEPY CRAAAWLEY SPYDAH! "
  8. Artificial Fa

    tModLoader WorldGen Previewer

    It made my PC extremely laggy and when i tried deleting the mod, it didn't get deleted. does anybody else have this problem??? And How do you Fix it??? EDIT: Nevermind, i just had to reload my mods :p
  9. Artificial Fa

    PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]

    1425541226 Normal, Large, Corrupt. Has 7 Sky islands, and 2 sword shrines in Close Proximity to each other. Also has 2 Pyramids. This is a screenshot. It was taken In-game.
  10. Artificial Fa

    Save the Jungle! V2

    Yup. I do.
  11. Artificial Fa

    Other Art [Program] darthmorf's Terraria Logo Maker

    I think that someone should make a few more themes. List is below. Corruption Crimson Mushroom Hallows Hardmode(maybe put some hardmode bosses or stuff?) Pre-hardmode (see above) Maybe a Wiring one kinda like the T-mec title???
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