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Terraria Minifigure Preorders Now Open!

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Chibichan full shot.png

Greetings Terrarians!

As you may recall, we teased the Terraria Chibichan minifigures in last month's State of the Game... and we said at the time that more information would be coming up in May. Well, we are very pleased to announce that the awesome first series of these minifigures are now available for preorder over on Terraria.shop! We have all of the juicy details below, so read on to learn more!



Terraria Chibichans will be released as series of 12 minifigures at a time, with one Rare figure (so, 13 total in each Series). Each figure is up to 3" tall and made of vinyl, with a unique and consistent art style...​

Terraria: The Board Game - Coming Soon!

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Board Game Logo.png

Greetings Terrarians!

We are very excited to at long last be able to reveal that we are working with our good friends at Paper Fort Games on the official Terraria Board Game! As you can imagine, this is a huge project - and not one that we take lightly. This board game adaptation will expand the universe of Terraria by faithfully combining the digital game’s biome exploration, character progression, base building and epic combat with tabletop mechanisms - alongside a fresh new art style - to create a co-operative adventure that will resonate with both long-time fans and novice Terrarians!

"We are very excited to work with Re-Logic; as an indie design studio ourselves, we have deep respect for what such a small team have achieved, their commitment to making the best game possible and their dedication to the Terraria community. We can’t wait to bring the world of Terraria to the tabletop!" - Paper Fort...​

Terraria State of the Game - April 2023

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Greetings Terrarians!

Can we just say that we are always so excited when Spring finally arrives? Everything turning green, the temperature outside finally making it pleasant to get outdoors - new life springing up everywhere. Sort of how it has felt on the Terraria teams as well, with everyone finding their stride again as we push towards the completion of the 1.4.5 update. Even so, it is hard not to look beyond that into the work in front of us to try and make crossplay a reality (no promises!) and whatever else lies ahead. This is a really exciting time for our team, and we hope that all of you are ready to embark on the journey ahead alongside us. However, that's a story for another State of the Game.

For now, let's get rolling on the latest and greatest Terraria news!

Terraria State of the Game - March 2023

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Greetings Terrarians!

March already - Spring is nearly here! We will be glad for it and the chance to enjoy some warmer weather and the "greening up" of the outdoors. Fresh air is never a bad thing! It has been quite a challenging month for our entire team since the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Jason "Leinfors" Parker, at the end of February. The team has had a lot to sort through on this - but we are back up and running. It may still take some time to fully figure out the best ways of working moving forward, but we feel like we at least have a handle on things well enough to get 1.4.5 back on the road to completion. Thank you all again for your love and support, it means more than we can say.

Let's get into the latest then, shall we?

The Passing of an Icon: Leinfors

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JParker Announcement.PNG

There will be no State of the Game this month. It was scheduled to go live today, but obviously, this is not the time. We will fill everyone in on what's going on next month. Please feel free to ask any questions, share memories of Leinfors, or just to grieve together here in this thread.

We love you all - thanks for your support in this devastating time.​

Terraria State of the Game - January 2023

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Greetings Terrarians!

Happy 2023 to you all - we hope it will be an amazing year for you and for Terraria! The team is back in action after a well-needed break over the month of December (which is why we had no State of the Game to provide for that month) - and work on Terraria 1.4.5 is in full swing. As you can imagine, most of the new stuff we have planned for this update is not quite ready to be shown. However, we have been able to provide a tidbit or two that we hope you will enjoy and that will increase your anticipation for this latest update. 2023 is going to be quite the year for Terraria, based on what is in our plans. Hopefully, it will go down as the year of Terraria Crossplay, amongst other things. As always, we enter this new year energized and empowered by your amazing support. We cannot wait until you can see what is in store.

Here's to another fantastic year of Terraria!

Terraria State of the Game - November 2022

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State of the Game november 22.jpg

Greetings Terrarians!

Thanksgiving is here, and this is always a great time for our team to reflect on the earlier parts of the year as a reminder of just how blessed we are to have such amazing fans and for the opportunity to do what we do each and every day. This feeling is perhaps stronger this year than in the past, owing to the Labor of Love update - how it came about, how we built it, and your reactions since it was released. Starting 2022 with a Steam Award that you all voted to give us, being inspired by that to make a truly fan-focused update, and then interacting so much with the community to share ideas... what a year it has been! We know we say it all the time, but we are truly thankful for all of you out there. You make this fun and worthwhile, even after all this time. Heading into 2023, we are already looking forward to what Terraria 1.4.5 will have in store for everyone - and we hope you are as well. Enjoy the Holidays, Terrarians, and thank you so much for being who you are and for all of your support for our team!

2022 Terraria Holiday Shopping Guide

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Happy Holidays, Terrarians!

2022 has been a heck of a year in the world of Terraria. We started off the year with the fantastic news that you all had voted us the winners of the 2021 Labor of Love Steam Award, later to be recognized in amazing fashion with the Labor of Love update release on all platforms at once - a first for Terrarians! We also saw the release of the first four issues/Book One of the Terraria Graphic Novel series alongside a ton of other cool merch. Topping it off, we shared the news a bit ago that Terraria 1.4.5 is coming your way in 2023... hopefully with Crossplay to come sometime after that. As always, we are beyond thankful for the loyalty and support that you all have shown us over the years. We do not take it lightly, and we can only hope that you feel that we have and will continue to do that support justice.

All that said, the Holiday Season is indeed upon us - and coming...

Terraria 1.4.5 is Coming in 2023 - including Terraria x Dead Cells!

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Greetings, Terrarians!

We are very happy to share that Terraria has made its way into the insanely good metroidvania hack-and-slash roguelite, Dead Cells! As always, we are thrilled to collaborate with our fellow top-notch indie developers out there.

If you want the full scoop behind the new Terraria content in Dead Cells, check out the details of their update (that landed today) below!

Click the Banner above to check out everything there is to know about the latest Dead Cells update!

Check out the Trailer for today's Dead Cells update!


Terraria State of the Game - October 2022

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Greetings Terrarians!

After a month off - I mean what would the "State of the Game" have been, "Labor of Love is out, go play it instead of reading this"? - we are back once again with the latest and greatest news from the world of Terraria. It has been a month of bug fixing for all of our teams and that work should continue for at least a bit longer. What's next after that? Well, we have already had a few meetings about Crossplay strategy... so that's a thing. Beyond that, you will have to wait and see what we might have in mind in regards to what direction our team decides to head. For now, let's head out for some spooktacular treats - and maybe only a few tricks. Happy Halloween!

Terraria Graphic Novel Series - Issue 4 Orders Now Open!

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Greetings, Terrarians!

Here we go - the conclusion to Book One of the Terraria Graphic Novel Series! All of the preparations have been made and it is time for our heroes to do battle with the dreaded Eye of Cthulhu. How will they fare? What will happen in the aftermath? Read on to find out!

In case you missed our earlier announcement about the series as a whole, you can check out those details HERE, and you can still get your orders in for the initial shipment of Issue Three for a little bit longer. We have been really impressed with the array of packages and options 50 Amp has put together for this release... and we hope you agree!

Terraria 04 Cover.jpg
As a reminder, we are planning to roll out Issues 1-4 (Book One) over the next few months...

Official The Labor of Hallow's Eve

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Update: Contest deadline has been reached. Form Submission has been closed. Thank you to all Participants!
Update 1: November 1st, 2022 The Labor of Hallow's Eve Contest has concluded. The Judging process has started and will take roughly 3 weeks. Shortly after that period, a new thread will be posted to share the Winners & Runner Ups. No announcement date confirmed for certain at this time.

Update 2: November 8th, 2022 Phase 1 of Judging has concluded. Over 900 entries were submited. Phase 2 has begun and will involve moderators from TCF, Discord, and Reddit in scoring. Phase 3 will narrow the number of entries down to the best 125 (25 from each category) and Re-Logic Developers will vote on those.

A Thread showcasing many...

Terraria: Labor of Love is Out Now!

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LoL1Forest1000x300 Logo.png

Happy launch day, Terrarians!

A Terrarian Love Letter 4.PNG

We are celebrating the occasion with some fun surprises as well!

The team will be out and about today, hanging out, collecting bugs and feedback, etc. Be sure to catch us at any of the locations below!

Terraria Community Forums
Terraria Discord
Terraria Twitter
Steam (Launch Post)

And we will likely be dropping in on any live streams of the new content that are going on!




Terraria Graphic Novel Series - Issue 3 Orders Now Open!

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Greetings, Terrarians!

We are back again - this time with the juicy details around the release of Issue 3 of the Terraria Graphic Novel Series! Issue 3 is all about the journey and getting to know some of our party of heroes a bit better - just as our friends are doing the same as they enjoy a quick meal while camped out at an oasis. In case you missed our earlier announcement about the series as a whole, you can check out those details HERE, and you can still get your orders in for the initial shipment of Issue Two for a little bit longer (details below - but don't fret if you miss the first shipment or if you missed out on Issue One, see here for details!). Our team is once again thrilled with the packages that 50 Amp Productions has put together in support of the Graphic Novel rollout - and we hope you will feel the same way!


Terraria Graphic Novel Series - Issue 2 Orders Now Open!

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Greetings, Terrarians!

We are finally ready to reveal the details for the second issue of the Terraria Graphic Novel Series! Our story starts to ramp up in this issue, as you can probably tell by the cover art shown below! In case you missed our earlier announcement about the series as a whole, you can check out those details HERE, and you can still get your orders in for the initial shipment of Issue One for a little bit longer (details below - but don't fret if you miss the first shipment, see here for details!). Our team is once again thrilled with the packages that 50 Amp Productions has put together in support of the Graphic Novel rollout - and we hope you will feel the same way!

Terraria issue 2 cover v1 RGB.jpg
As a...

Terraria State of the Game - August 2022

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Greetings Terrarians!

Alas, Summer is drawing to a close. Back to School, work, or just whatever your daily grind may be - we hope your Summer was a fun and relaxing one! As we head into the Fall - probably our favorite season - the development teams are making huge strides towards getting the Labor of Love update into your hands. This is a State of the Game that you will not want to miss, because we are at long last going to be able to dive into some details around the launch of this fantastic Terraria update. So, sit down, buckle up, and let's get this month's SOTG underway!

Terraria Graphic Novel - Book One, Issue One Orders Now Open!

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Greetings, Terrarians!

The day is finally here - orders for the first Issue of Book One of the Terraria Graphic Novel Series are now open! In case you missed our earlier announcement about the series as a whole, you can check out those details HERE. The team at Re-Logic in conjunction with our partners at 50 Amp Productions is very excited to be able to roll out the first part of Book One at long last to all of you. The 50 Amp team has also gone above and beyond the Graphic Novel itself and put together a few additional collectibles that fans can pick up as well should you feel so inclined.

Issue One Cover.jpg

With all that said, let's dive right in to how it will all work, what is available and...

Terraria State of the Game - July 2022

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Greetings Terrarians!

Summer is nearly over already?! My how the time flies when you are having fun - which we certainly hope has been the case for all of you out there! We have been having a TON of fun during the development of the Labor of Love update. Reading fan ideas, brainstorming other cool new stuff internally, seeing where the creativity takes us: it has been a real blast. That said, we can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, let's dive right into the late-summer State of the Game news shall we?

Terraria Graphic Novel Series Revealed!

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Greetings Terrarians!

We are beyond thrilled to be able to at long last reveal a project that has been going on behind the scenes for quite some time - the Terraria Graphic Novel series! We here at Re-Logic have been working closely with our partners at 50 Amp Productions on all aspects of the graphic novels - from script to lineart to coloring and more, we really feel like these are a perfect balance between staying authentic to the Terraria experience while taking enough creative license to be able to craft an engaging story within the Terraria universe.

We are nearly finished with Book One in the series, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek (well... beyond the one we gave you in June's State of the Game) at what is to come. Each Book will contain four parts... and this is the cover art for Terraria - Book One, Issue One.

Terraria 1 preview cover v1-1.jpg

(Cover art is...

Terraria State of the Game - June 2022

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Greetings Terrarians!

We don't know about you, but the heat this summer has been brutal so far to us! Sounds like a good excuse to grab some gaming time and catch up on the latest and greatest Terraria news, right? Development work on the Labor of Love update is in full swing across both the Re-Logic and DR Studios teams - and we are really excited for some of the juicy spoilers that we have in store for you this month (on top of those we have already shared this month in case you missed them on our socials). That said, grab a cold beverage, cool off, and settle in for this month's State of the Game!







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