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Recent content by Axios

  1. Axios

    rapid conversation

    I came into this breeding confident because I type fast most times but wor this is not at all as easy as I thought
  2. Axios

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned because a dragon cannot also be a wolf.
  3. Axios

    ask bob some stuff

    Understandable! And on Playstation, whats your favorite game series? Mine would have to be Ratchet & Clank, hands down.
  4. Axios

    ask bob some stuff

    What is your favorite platform of all time?
  5. Axios

    Humorous Post your memes!

  6. Axios

    Casual Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Not necessarily, maybe she will maybe she won't. Its not garunteed.
  7. Axios

    Casual Unpopular Opinion Thread

    9/11 was an inside job... Nah but on a serious note, I guess at today's date my onpopular opinion would probably be that Call of Duty: Cold War is overall a good game.
  8. Axios

    im am og from 1.2

    I play on Xbox 1 as well. My gt is; Noobiescrubpleb Feel free to add me anytime, however for the rest of the night I'll likely be grinding Cold War.
  9. Axios

    im am og from 1.2

    Not as OG as me! (V1.1.2.1 :cool:) But by all means welcome! Which platform do you play on?
  10. Axios

    PC Help me, retexture floret vanity set to toro vanity set

    So basically what you're saying here, is that you want someone else to do it so you can download it.
  11. Axios

    Mobile Cursor colour change

    This is not a bug, it's a suggestion.
  12. Axios

    tModLoader Cthulhu's Awakening: Need spriter, musician, and programmer

    I feel like you missed a majority of what @Sora_92 said, in which they were correct. Your goals here are admiral, but unrealistic. Again, start out small and build yourself up, nobody is going to want to help with a ridiculously large mod that they have to do a majority of the work with. Like...
  13. Axios

    Xbox One Looking for a Bezoar

    It's literally the last material I need for the Ankh Charm. If anyone could help I would genuinely appreciate it, of course payment is an offer. I propose double the sale price of the item (cost+time) or a trade of similar rarity/value. Please get back to me as soon as you can! Until then, back...
  14. Axios


    Oh, my apologies! I probably should have known. I appreciate the merge though :) Wow, incredibly long time man I missed you guys. I won't get too personal but how have you been? How's your art going? Nice to meet you too, Moor! Hello!
  15. Axios


    Is it that rare now days? Or just because it's late? Either way fear not, you now have companionship :)
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