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Recent content by CaptainDartLye

  1. CaptainDartLye

    Look to your right and look at the first item you see, now you have to fight Duke Fishron with it.

    My classmate james, i think he would satisfy its hunger while i stab the beast in the neck with my pocket knife
  2. CaptainDartLye

    How tall are you?

    6'11" I'm the tallest terraria player evar, i can dunk hoops too.
  3. CaptainDartLye

    Fishing troubles

    300 blocks of water is minimum for a good fishing spot, and if you have hardmode, you need some better fishing rods than corruption tiered.
  4. CaptainDartLye

    What Pokemon type is the avatar above you?

    Rainbow :redmunch::redspin::red::redmunch::redmunch::redmunch::redmunch::redmunch::redmunch::redspin::redspin::redmunch::redspin::red::red2::red::redspin::redmunch::redspin::redspin::redmunch::redmunch::redmunch::redmunch::redmunch::redmunch::red::redspin::redmunch:
  5. CaptainDartLye

    Rate the above users avatar

    5/10 bro, that's some weird stuff
  6. CaptainDartLye

    RE LOGIC! -Terraria logic jokes!

    Cthuler isn't a thing, it's a concept of an un-opposable force that cannot be beaten no matter how strong you are.
  7. CaptainDartLye

    The Never-Ending Story

    The copper shortsword magically turned into an overpowered terra blade.
  8. CaptainDartLye

    Kill the person above you.

    This forum is called kill the person above you, not find a way to live. Once someone kills you, you can't(shouldn't) post anymore, therefore, because you did die to your sword, I'm still here.
  9. CaptainDartLye

    Kill the person above you.

    Blue's sword slips and impales them where they stand.
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