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    tModLoader How to make an item drop from enemies in the ice biome?

  2. direwolf420

    Wyvern boss help!

    Spawn some town NPC and then spawn your boss
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    Is there a mod to increase field of view in 720p screens?

    have you tried searching for "Zoom" on the mod browser? I'm sure you'll find something
  6. direwolf420

    Wyvern boss help!

    stop using outdated code/tutorials start using the ExampleMod tModLoader/tModLoader To fix your issue change the "" in the NetMessage line to null
  7. direwolf420

    tModLoader Error making recipe for vanilla items.

    the error is " Make sure you have exactly 1 class extending mod. Found overload.overload, Overload.items.Other.Recipies " That means you have a duplicate Mod class, mainly the one you added called Recipies. Delete it, and instead put the code of it in the class overload, in the main folder of...
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    tModLoader Cant make color red?

    Tried looking up HSL? HSL Selected (Hue, Saturation, Light) Color Codes
  9. direwolf420

    tModLoader Neo Draw ~ Draw Your World! - A Photoshop inspired mod.

    One of the most high quality initial releases I've seen this year
  10. direwolf420

    tModLoader Help with an NPC shooting projectiles.

  11. direwolf420

    tModLoader Boss Checklist - In-game progression checklist.

    You should ask both of these questions in the calamity thread, as boss checklist is not responsible for both of these
  12. direwolf420

    Boss texture not working.

    npc.value can stay like that, what matters is that your using an existing aiStyle, which has its own predetermined way of animating. If you want to animate something like vanilla, you need to make sure whatever ai/NPC your copying from has the same frames as your spritesheet, and then add...
  13. direwolf420

    tModLoader Pet Renamer - Allows you to name your pets

    I don't know if that mod has any API that I could use
  14. direwolf420

    tModLoader [WIP] Risk of Slime Rain - Risk of Rain in Terraria

    There is no "uncap everything" config. In "Balance" mods some caps are adjusted that's all
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