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Recent content by EvanKrusher948

  1. EvanKrusher948

    Corrupt the Wish!

    Granted, you get 1 download, which is you. I wish for global warming to end.
  2. EvanKrusher948

    Corrupt the Wish!

    Granted, the recolors become uglier. I request for Coronavirus to stop existing.
  3. EvanKrusher948

    What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

    "Maks suffocate you."
  4. EvanKrusher948

    Storm Driver Ω after using the dryad emote:

    Storm Driver Ω after using the dryad emote:
  5. EvanKrusher948

    Ask a Derpling anything.

    Name the most powerful derpling in history.
  6. EvanKrusher948

    Ask A Stupid Question...

    75 Are you existant?
  7. EvanKrusher948

    Ask A Stupid Question...

    8.30662386292 How stupid is this question from 1 to 10
  8. EvanKrusher948

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Stop punishing the player for placing wrong torches. Also give for biome torches saying: "Placing this torch in X biome will increase your luck" So, without negative luck it wouldn't punish players for no good reason, and with the biome torch tooltips, you can see a reward for placing the biome...
  9. EvanKrusher948

    Make an edit of the above poster's username

    Adean the Gorf
  10. EvanKrusher948

    Google Picture war!

    Note: Diamond and Netherite shovels have the exact mining speed with dirt
  11. EvanKrusher948

    It's my birthday today!

    It's my birthday today!
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