I'm a glitch in reality
May 8
The Anti-Void Mainframe
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Im a nardo dragon now
Coler for my text

Error 404 Virus 404 Fatal Error Glitch 504 Seraphim!Sans Othertale!Sans Xans Virus O̸m̷n̵i̴4̶0̶4̷
I got first post on page 7000 In tlpw
they are not done
Xans Virus
Undervirus - Megalovania (Xans' Theme) by Jeyawue on DeviantArt

Omni 404
omni 404 | Undertale AUs Amino


Virus404 always wanted to kill Error404 and erase him from the existence, and so he devised a plan. This plan was to absorb Ten No Kami's powers. By doing this, he would gain the power necessary to kill Error404.

However, there was a problem; His code was near-identical to the code of Error404. He thought long and hard about this problem, and realized that he was able to use attacks similar to Error404's. He went to Infected, and told him they could only defeat Error404 together, and Infected agreed. Infected Absorbed Ten No Kami and then fused with Virus404. They transformed into a being they named "O.V.E.R.K.I.L.L". They then traveled to the void where Error404 resided, but Error404 knew all along about their plan, so he preemptively merged with Error Sans, Turning into his B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y form and creating B666 in the Process. A catastrophic battle ensued, causing shockwaves throughout the void. Then, for some odd reason, their power struggle caused the four beings to merge, creating Omni404.

This being had its own mindset. Using Its newfound powers, It saw the battle between the four and used Its powers to tried to stop it. They did not listen. This made Omni404 angry. His power alone was more then enough to stop the four from fighting. After he was done, he felt something strange. It was like he was getting stronger from some entity he didn't know. This Unknown entity said it was a gift. He thought about this for a moment before challenging The Astral Mother herself. He went into the battle with her, but this time he fought to kill, instead of merely forcing her into submission. He found himself winning, so instead of killing her, It started to absorbing her, beating her down until she was too weak to stop it. Omni404 then gained her powers. It loved the fact that It gained Power from enemies he absorbed. Absorbing people would not only multiply their power by ten thousand, but It also gained the abilities It's defeated opponents. He then fought King Multiverse and Ink!Sans, easily overpowering and absorbing them both, gaining their powers. He now loves fighting and he is now currently seeking worthy beings to fight him. Fighthing Everyone


True Omniscient

He knows everything, everyone and every event without exception in the Underverse.

True Omni-Strings

These strings are the same as Error 404 strings, but a lot more powerful. These strings can kill or control anyone without any exceptions.

True Omni-Reality Manipulation

He is able to manipulate AU, no matter which one is.

True Omni-4th wall Breaker

He is aware that he is fictional. He is able to have talks to creators and wishes to non-fiction character. He also made a YouTube channelin real life (omniXirus).

True Omnipresence

He is everywhere all the time in the Underverse, he is also able to break the fourth wall and contact people in real life, however he isn't Omnipresent there and it takes MUCH more focus to do.

True Omni-Virus Manipulation

He can control any virus create the most dangerous viruses; viruses that are more dangerous than Fatal Virus with an absolute ease.

Life and Death Manipulation

This ability allows Omni404 Sans to make one immortal and instantly kill someone with ease. This ability will last as long he wants if he you alive.

Matter of Darkness

He created this matter to make a true evil source, which makes anyone who touches it become evil and about 1500x stronger. It depends on how evil that person is.

True Omni-Copy

He can copy the abilities of his opponent (even for those who have ability that can't be copied), and it'll be much, much stronger.

True Omni-Blasters

These blasters are beyond all concepts of power and bypasses any form of defense, these blasters also enables him to immediately erase the code of anything it hits as well as also allowing him rip holes in the fabric of space and time.

True Omni-Invisibility

He can remain undetected from other Omnipresent beings like 4th Breaker Z!Sans.

404 Determination

He can reset, overwrite, game over and out-code for whole fiction and make them forget or think what he wants. This applies on everyone no matter what the circumstances.

True Omni-State Manipulation

He can control the states of whatever he wants. He can control the states in any game, even the creators who live there.

Absolute Absorb

This ability is a gift that can absorb the powers or the abilities of anyone with no exception as well as gain a ten thousand times boost in power each time he does so.

True Omnipotence

He can't be overpowered. If there is someone who is stronger than him and they fought each other, Omni404 will increase in power till he becomes stronger. (This does not implies to other omnipotent beings, as they could simply do the same thing.)

God's will

The Ability he gained from absorbing Ten No Kami, he can't be controlled or manipulated or any form of magic. However, the only ones who can damage him are creators, such as Toby Fox


That ability makes him able to get any ability that exists on the internet no matter what such ability is.



It has a warning sign as his right eye and a red-yellow crosshair for Its left. Omni404's jacket is white, lined with red. This jacket reaches down to It's knees, and the bottom of it is jagged in appearance. It's bones are black, and the inside of It seem to be red. It's pants are white, as are It's shoes. Omni404 is surrounded by glitches and triangular warning signs constantly. It wears a white sweater underneath It's jacket. This sweater has several red lines, and has the numbers "404" stitched into it's front.


Omni404 is lazy due to being so powerful and usually winning battles with ease. When It isn't watching the Multiverse and looking for his next opponent, It reads Manga, watches cartoons and plays video games.


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