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    [ATTACH] Yes

  2. FIuff

    Pixel Art Fluff's Art Sanctuary

    Oh shoot it's already the end of the month? I know I've been counting down the days but this still took me by surprise. I completely forgot about this, as I do every month This month has been fairly big for me, mostly because I drew some of my characters (finally!). I entered it into an art...
  3. FIuff

    Pixel Art Derpify Me

    You, my friend, finally get your wish fulfilled. Although I didn't do actual dimentio, I thought Super Dimentio would just work out better and turn out cooler. I can't say for sure if it would, because I didn't try it, but this turned out really well! Here it is: My biggest sprite so far...
  4. FIuff

    Pixel Art Derpify Me

    OH THAT'S WHAT I MISSED that's why the hat kid derpling looks so low effort. Because it is. By that, I mean I only did the cape. I completely neglected the pants, boots, and shirt. I'll fix that after getting the dimentio derpling done.
  5. FIuff

    Pixel Art Derpify Me

    ok so I was going to add all of these to the thread but TCF is being really stupid, breaking whenever I try to put them in. That won't be happening until I can get it to work. Also the promotion has ended.
  6. FIuff

    [ATTACH] hey look I actually did some of my own work for once! Starring 3 of my characters...

    hey look I actually did some of my own work for once! Starring 3 of my characters, those being Rubi, Evelyn, and Sky (from left to right) I might color it and add a background later, but for now this will be it.
  7. FIuff

    Pixel Art Derpify Me

    and also replying to Chir' but it deleted its post
  8. FIuff

    Pixel Art Derpify Me

    Special Promotion: For the next 24 hours, this thread will be open for everyone to submit a derpling, and I'm forced to do it when I'm available! Do it quick, for it won't be open afterwards! (I suggest not to put something here you actually want me to try on)
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    still-in-march gang

    still-in-march gang
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    Pixel Art Fluff's Art Sanctuary

    I guess it's time for this again. I would have posted it sooner but I had a drawing I was hoping to finish so I could put it here. Although that won't happen, I know it will be ready for next month. This month has a lot less than previous months, but that's more because I haven't taken photos of...
  12. FIuff

    Unleash Your Creativity - Terraria Steam Workshop Support Launches Today!

    would anyone mind telling me where the workshop content downloads to? I can't find it in the resource pack folder but I know that it works in terraria. Maybe they're hidden?
  13. FIuff

    Unleash Your Creativity - Terraria Steam Workshop Support Launches Today!

    I've been trying to get a Music Pack uploaded, and I've looked through the guide for it but it doesn't seem to be working (as in replacing the music, even after restarting the game). I've also downloaded a few other music packs to try to use those for help, but they aren't appearing in terraria...
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    The tower!

    Floor 3659 contains a single grain of sugar.
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