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  1. Gotcha!

    Show us your random world names!

    - Alien Daydream - Exuberant Paintbrush are two that I kept. This name generator has been programmed by a poet.
  2. Gotcha!

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    As someone who has collected all items (and I mean -all- items) in pre-1.4, and wishing to do the same in 1.4, I'm getting rather annoyed with the low drop rate of kites. A friend of mine, who is also a collector, shares the same feeling. We're in hardmode (moon lord beaten), and are spending...
  3. Gotcha!

    Was the zoologist design a bad idea?

    Her appearance is fine; I just would've loved it if she'd speak proper English.
  4. Gotcha!

    More developed ocean content

    Admittedly, that long underwater tunnel had me scratch my head. There's a water chest at the end with generic water chest loot. I'd expected to at least see some special loot in there. Other than that, I'm not really bothered by the ocean lacking any underwater bosses/temples etc. I find that it...
  5. Gotcha!

    Just "Golden House of Relics"

    It looks like a palace from an Arabian fairytale. Very nice. :merchantgrin:
  6. Gotcha!

    How to find a server IP address

    From the PC you're hosting from, open your internet browser, go to google and type: What is my IP The IP address listed will be the IP given to you by your ISP and will be needed by other players to join your game.
  7. Gotcha!

    My 6 Year World Corrupted

    If the backup doesn't load, then your world is lost. It's always wise to make manual backups, especially before an update. It's been stickied on the forums as well prior to the update's release. Even though that information isn't going to help you, it's a good tip for the future. I'm sorry for...
  8. Gotcha!

    Farm Go Fish

    I guess more snow is required to have it change into a snow biome. I'll leave it to people themselves to add more snow. Same goes for the <placeholder>, which is a desert (as I expected desert fishing in 1.4 when I was making this map). Also, there is a hallow/ice area already. I'll probably...
  9. Gotcha!

    Attack pattern of enraged Duke Fishron is too simple and need to be buffed

    The Duke doesn't need a buff; people just shouldn't cheese him if they are bothered by it. Problem solved. Don't make a boss harder for regular players just because some players outsmart the game.
  10. Gotcha!

    PC Queen Bee follows you even after you use Magic Mirror, not despawning.

    After I was wormfood it went on to other players. There was no coincidence at play here.
  11. Gotcha!

    PC Why I think NPC Unhappiness and how Pylons are locked are a HUGE mistake

    I agree. I like it for the most part, but it's a shame that we're being penalized. I'd just have kept the prices the same, but give price reductions if you do choose to make them live where they want to live. My main map has a large building where all NPCs live together. It dates from 2013 and...
  12. Gotcha!

    PC Queen Bee follows you even after you use Magic Mirror, not despawning.

    We (me and the group I'm playing with) have this problem as well. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be happening (can't imagine this is new intended behaviour in 1.4), but bosses just don't want to leave. It doesn't matter if players are far away from one another, or if everyone logs out at the...
  13. Gotcha!

    Bestiary change

    No thanks, I have a lot of different characters. But I do think it could've been handled differently, namely have the beastiary be an entirely separate file, so the progress is saved for all characters and all worlds. This would also solve the problem of not being able to fully fill your...
  14. Gotcha!

    Working as Designed No Entrance to Underground Desert?

    We had to dig on our world as well; seems like the oasis got planted over the entrance. Just random generation shenanigans. They've been a part of the game since forever. I don't mind. Rather have one more oasis and dig my own hole. :merchantgrin:
  15. Gotcha!

    On the issue of social accessory slots in 1.4

    It was incredibly useful to swap accessories instantly, quickly adjusting to a changing environment. I miss this greatly, and can't say I agree with the devs' decision. So people got a few more inventory spots. *shrug* This cure is much worse than the disease. Hopefully this can be looked into!
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