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  1. hamstar

    tModLoader Better Paint - Make the world your canvas!

    Do you mean to ask if I intend to port it to 1.4? Eventually, maybe. Time permitting.
  2. hamstar

    tModLoader Mod Helpers

    Tell me if v5.13.1.1 fixes your issue.
  3. hamstar


  4. hamstar

    tModLoader Destructible Tiles - Brutalize your worlds

    You can configure the damage of individual projectile types or tile types, among other things.
  5. hamstar

    tModLoader Intrinsics - Bind equipment and buffs to players permanently

    https://www.google.com/search?q=translate The ghost gives hints about what it wants.
  6. hamstar

    tModLoader Powerups - On-pickup buffs and item abilities

    Add the corresponding item entry to either 'PotLootPowerups' (for pot drops) or 'NPCLootPowerups' (for NPC drops) in the mod's (config) settings.
  7. hamstar

    tModLoader Mod Helpers

    You need to put your player's "uid" into a "privileged user" config field. There's a chat command to tell you what it is.
  8. hamstar

    tModLoader Barriers

    Which mods?
  9. hamstar

    tModLoader Barriers

    That's not a fair generalization. This one got "abandoned" due to a specific component needing to be rebuilt completely, or else phased out of use and a new solution implemented. Due to my work on Adventure Mode and a lack of interest in contributing to any of my library codes, finishing this...
  10. hamstar

    tModLoader Stamina

    It's sometimes slow. It appears in the list for me, now.
  11. hamstar

    tModLoader Stamina

    I just updated it.
  12. hamstar

    tModLoader Stamina

    v2.1.1.2 fixes this issue:
  13. hamstar

    tModLoader Stamina

    Interesting. Let's see if I can figure this out...
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