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  1. Loohniverse

    PC 1.3.3 Changelog

    It will be the best thing that could happen to multiplayer after backwards compatibility. So I'm not allowed to throw in a Feature Request for future updates to give the players a better experience? But seriously, just because steam doesn't support it "now" doesn't mean that this is...
  2. Loohniverse

    PC 1.3.3 Changelog

    @Leinfors Why don't you guys think about adding a simple Launcher to the Game where you can switch the :red:ing versions if you want instead of forcing the players to play the newest version. It's a quality of life thing, and honestly you guys are actually supporting it without a launcher with a...
  3. Loohniverse

    PC The state of 1.3.1 for PC

    Stop playing with our emotions!
  4. Loohniverse

    Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

    My idea isn't related to wiring and mechanics but this would be a nice addition for the multiplayer. Using the "Up-Key" on your keyboard should let you scroll through your last messages and commands that you've used before so you can resend them over and over again (very useful for servers and...
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